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Monday, 15 August 2011

Riots England UK - Interview with a child who believes having Mummy at home is important

Here is an interview with my little girl who loves having Mummy at home. I have made sacrifices financially so I can be with her. But sadly fresh air does not pay the bills and does not get the serious damp sorted out in our house so I do need to somehow earn money from  home too. Wages in our Country do not keep up with the cost of living. We need change! Women are still waiting for equal pay!

This is a message to the greedy mobile phone companies. I have not used the old mobile my partner gave to me for over two years because I had to cut back on spending. It had some lovely old photographs of Farningham Village. My Uncles old butchers shop was on their. He died of Cancer this year. I would have liked to have sent my Nan the photographs of them together outside the shop. But no "you decided you  had the right to take my number away, because I was not putting money on the card!" You all disgust me! Greedy, nasty society we live in and I am sick of it!

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