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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Blogging for a better life help us / me GOOGLE

Google, look at my talented little girl who wants to stay with Mummy at home and not go to school because she find the school work too hard. Now her lovely teacher is off with a broken foot. I feel our world treats our children like race horses putting them in the race of their life to be the best, and if they are not the best then they are losers and end up smashing windows in villages and destroying our world because the rich do not understand what it is like to be poor. Sadly this affects the people in the middle. The ones that work hard for a rubbish salary and have nothing to show for it, not even a pension.

The picture below of the little Welsh boy (Mother Swansea Jack) and the English girl born in Wales is one I took over four years ago. I had hopes back then. I am Britain's only hope of getting out of this recession because I know what it is like to struggle and I have a heart, which is very important and something businesses lack. Money clouds their mind and they do not see the pain and suffering around them the way I do. What a horrible world we live in where too many people are not willing to fight verbally without violence for change. Except for one, the lady in Burma. Maybe that is why I am different, because I take after my Nan who was part Burmese.


I wanted to be the Mother my Nan could not have because she died when she was four. And the mother my Mother could never be because of her serious illness. But sadly life is making it impossible for me. People steel from all my hard work, they use and abuse my name and business name and there is no justice. At this rate my little girl will never get the childhood she deserves, because no one is watching and no body cares. Do you care Google? Show me you really care and arrange a meeting with me so I can blog to a better life for my little girl and give hope to Jodie who has Cystic Fibrosis.

Why did I promote Wales and England in my Butterfly Lullaby book? I know now why I have had so many problems, it is because the two Countries hate each other. How sad is that! Children are not bullies, they are made into bullies by selfish adults who do not understand that if they do not change all our people will suffer. And how selfish that our world does not protect our poor children who are used and abused and nothing is ever done about it.

I had hope that I could do something amazing and be the only business in the world with a pure and open heart that tries to help others. One that knows the values of sharing and compassion. A business that could teach others the importance to let go of greed and anger and start to help each other for our children's sake.

If I was to get a letter from the Welsh and English Government saying they want to do all they can to give my little girl justice and support to get out of this horrible damp house. And can see how damn hard I work. And how talented we are as a family. But more importantly how they realise that they have to change and be united to get us out of this recession. They have to understand that the Rich are destroying the poor and the poor are destroying the poor. So what hope do our poor children have? The only reason my little girl suffers is because there is no compassion in our world only greed and selfishness. I give up and want to get out of the UK as the UK does not deserve us. Although I have lovely Welsh friends, one of my best friends is leaving Wales because of racists and she is Welsh. Picked on for being a Swansea Jack. When she leaves that is it. My ray of sunshine the person that makes me smile and laugh will no longer be their to pick me up when I need the love and support our world is too selfish to give. I am ashamed of all the people that can make change happen but put money before human life. I hate my life, it is too stressful and hard. I miss the days when I could laugh and smile. When I worked for a company that loved me and rewarded me for being a hard worker. Now I am just a worm in the ground a nothing. All my beautiful work is wrecked by racists, snobs and greedy selfish people who just want to steel from the less fortunate. The Olympic games is a joke! It is all about winning and that is why our world is such a mess.

But at least I have one real ray of sunshine, my little girl. I will hold her tight and fight to leave the UK. Blogging my way to a different world, a place full of compassion, love and understanding where hate no longer exists. The UK is a mess and I give up on you now. Help me leave so we can laugh again. New Zealand, America or Australia is where I want to be.

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