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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Madison Paralympics 2012 long lost relations thanks Google

Google have done it again. Wow! Thanks to them I have found my long lost relations in Australia who are related to my Nan. Poor Nan became an orphan at just four years old. With a little bit of Google luck Madison will make it to London for the Paralympics 2012. Go Madi, go!

So what did I do first? Well I had to go to Googles search engine and type in the name Robert Hartland Stanley Myles (this time I misspelt the name as Miles) and it came up with this website:

Come and sing the Google song made up with my little girl Snowflake:

Here is a picture of my Great Grandad, Robert, Hartland Stanley Myles (Miles:)

My Great Grandads name and Wifes name is the same but the siblings names and children's names are  different. This is one ghost story that needs solving. I tell you something my families life would make a fantastic film. We have been through lots of doom and gloom, bad luck, racism and bullying but some of us come out fighting like my Nan and Madi.

I feel like playing a Paralympic Trash Pack competition and Madi we want you to win! Hey Trash Pack do you see where I am coming from, don't you think this would be a fantastic game and Madi is one of yours she is from Australia. I bet you are proud of her!

That's all from me folks, I am not a sports lover as I believe in having fun and not taking it too seriously. But I want Madi to win. Even if she does not win it will be fun watching my new found relation doing something she loves. And how proud am I of all her achievements. Go Madi you fly honey, this English person is behind you all the way. And can't wait to tell all the family of the new found treasure called family, which I am very proud of, unlike my snobby cousin who called Nan a bag lady. Oh and she lives out in Oz, damn!

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