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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Olympic challenge which Country cares about children?

I challenge you Great Britain to show me which Country is the best Country. Is it Wales, Scotland or England? Or is it Great Britain? Who is our true leader?

The Country that writes to me and tells me they really care about all our children and want to help me help all Mum's make a better future for our kids will be the winner! The Country that wants to be a team player and be Great Britain will win. The ones that don't care about racists, bullying and poverty will lose. The young are destroying our world because there is no hope. We have the power to change that so show me who is a real father and who will make a better life for everyone so Mum's like me can say we are proud to be British.

Sharon J. Bainbridge
Butterfly Lullaby
14 Alltiago Road

Thank God for Google! I believe in God and that is why I am thanking him.

I want to see big companies helping others instead of being selfish like the banks. Make me proud because you owe me.

Butterfly Lullaby promoted Wales. Show me you are proud of my friends son for being in the Olympic games advert as he lives in Wales. Will you let them leave Wales or will you give them a better life and stop racists? Will you open your hearts to make Great Britain Great? Or will you continue to separate yourself so we all suffer? The same goes for Scotland. Wales has one think I am proud of and that is it's love for the people they make sure that ill people do not suffer and get free prescriptions. But sadly where is the help for my little girl in the black mould damp house. You have the power to turn things around. I cannot say I am proud to be Welsh but the Welsh people like me, I have lots of friends. Does this not count?

My Butterfly Lullaby book promoted England. David Cameron I am counting on you to move us forward! I want to thank you for making changes so our children are protected from bad things. You are a good father. I was told by the Police that change was not possible. And you proved them wrong. Thank you. Please show me I can truly believe in you to get me the justice I so deserve. I have worked so hard for it and my little girl should not be living in a black mould damp house with no help or support.

I want to see compassion not just from the Governments but people. We can only move forward if we all help each other. Stop being selfish and start to open your heart so no child has to live like mine.

I look forward to deleting this post and promoting the UK as a whole. Don't let me down! But more importantly don't let your people down because they will in the end destroy the whole of the UK.

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