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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trash Pack Olympic games which Country cares about our children?

Ok I am just about to play the Trash Pack Olympic games challenge with English, Wales and Scottish flags. But here is the twist, I have created a United Flag, one that acts as a team to get our Country out of recession and put our children first. The Great British Flag... the plot thickens!

My little girl found that if you put the little Trashie on the lid of the big green trash pack can, pop the lid, he flies through the air. This makes a great game for children and families.

You can see the Trash Pack game better in this video. Hours of fun.

I will be back soon to tell you who won.

Big question here is "are you happy with your life?"

I can tell you I am 100% not happy with my life and I am fed up with having to fight for Justice, help and support when these things should already be in place. And I am angry that I have to waste my valuable time fighting verbally for my rights as a Mother which means I am missing out on valuable time with my little girl. Equal pay for women has been a fight that has gone on for years. Can we trust men in Government? Lets find out!

Which Government, Wales or England is going to make me proud to be British? As I spent a lot of money re-mortgaging to publish my Butterfly Lullaby book I think Great Britain owes this Mum, don't you?

Wales promotion in the Butterfly Lullaby book:

English Promotion in the Butterfly Lullaby book:

And for all the people in our world that are rich, you have the power to make change, that includes the Royal family and Governments. If you don't the poor are going to destroy the UK. I live in a Welsh Village where the poor smash the shop windows all the time and the phone box. Who suffers? The working class, the poor person and the tax payer. But who really suffers?


Are you willing to try and make changes happen for our children's sake? People moan all the time about their life but they don't do a damn thing about it. So our poor children suffer for years and years because some parents will not team up with other Mum's and Dad's and put our children first.

If you are a good parent that wants the best for your child and others you will comment and do something about this mess we are in.

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Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

This year is make or break as I am sick of fighting for justice. Are there any good men in our world? Are there any good women? And where the hell is the Mothers network in Wales for all women? Where are the Mothers in Wales that want to get us out of this mess? Please don't tell me I am the only one?

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