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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Welsh Mum's network - where the hell are you?

Where the hell is the FREE support for Mother's like me in Wales that have been ripped off by the Justice System? Are there any real ones that care or are they all just in it like men for the money? Why is there no support and why are Mothers not networking together to make sure our children do not suffer? Teamwork is really lacking in the UK. The only team work I experience is at work with my work friends. They are team players and we do help each other out. What a shame the UK cannot work like this and get us out of this horrible black hole, the never ending 11 year recession. Am I the only women in the UK that understands the need for the Internet to change so it is child and business friendly? Does racism and snobbery stop Mothers from earning a proper living through shops in Wales and England? People tell me all the time you cannot change the world. But that is without them even trying. The fact is if more people did more and tried to create a better future for our children we would not have to suffer the way we do today and children would not grow up smashing and destroying our little villages and towns. Life in the UK is too stressful and horrible for words. The only good thing is that we get free prescriptions and health care and believe me we need it with our low salaries and stressful life.

So many questions and no answers! My little girl lives in a horrible damp house with Asthma because of greedy, selfish people that do not care about our children. Do you care about them? See my book. Well it is meant to give £1 per book to Cystic Fibrosis. But as you can see it is selling for a fantastic profit of over £50 with no money going to Jodie for a cure or to us so we can get the damp sorted out. What a horrible mean world we live in. Why is the justice system so awful?

Here is my lovely little girl wearing a mask because too many Mothers ignore the problems on the Internet. I look at some British women and how trashy they dress and think God help my child. Don't worry God does not mind me using his name, because he is sick of seeing people destroying his world and pretending they are religious when really they are all in some sort of competition to be the best religion and to hell with the people.

I do not know one women with true backbone and spirit that is willing to try and fight verbally for change. And I do not know any women in Wales that believe in networking together to make a better future for our children. So really that tells me it is time to try and get the hell out of here. Problem is my little girl does not want to move schools. Trapped like a butterfly in a web.

I know change is possible if only people tried. The day will come when the young will totally trash everything and they will be out of control because they are given no hope. Well don't say I did not warn you. By then my little girl will be grown up and we will be able to afford to get the hell out here as this is not living this is hell.

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