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Saturday, 4 February 2012


Why is Google the best blog in the world? For one you can add all your You Tube videos easily and photographs, which makes blogging more fun to view and read. And the templates are brilliant. Also if you are unique and work hard on your blog they will promote your work to the top of their search engines, because you deserve it!


But most of all they give you a voice when no one else is listening or cares. They have given me wings to fly!  Thanks to them, my four year nightmare is over, I have found London Mum's and now have the network at the heart of London where Mum's really do count! Where did I find London Mum's Magazine? You guessed it here on Google! Now I am blogging for London Mum's Magazine too and they appreciate me and love my work!

Without Google no one would have seen my beautiful Butterfly Lullaby book launch! And please do not buy my Butterfly Lullaby book from anyone on the Internet or anywhere. Come directly to me at Butterfly Lullaby, 14 Alltiago Road, Pontarddulais, Swansea, Wales SA4 8HU. The book is very rare because of my bad luck and damp in the house. That is why you see it advertised for huge money on the Internet. And of course it promotes Weymouth, Dorset which is at the heart of the Olympic games this year. I will pay you commission for selling the book, but it is mail order only at the moment through me the author and publisher.



My little girl can shine thanks to You Tube and my Google Blog. She cannot go to stage school like other children because Mummy has had so much financial bad luck. But here she is the little star of You Tube with over 23,000 hits! And many other videos. Come on Little Snowflake! And Google when you are ready please arrange a meeting with me so we can earn money from our videos to get Jodie who has Cystic Fibrosis and Snowflake to see Winter the Dolphin in America. You know how shiny I am and how shiny things attract trouble. That is why I need to meet you in your offices to discuss Butterfly Lullaby's future.

My little girl may struggle at school with reading and maths. If Mummy had the money I would pay for after school help. The most important thing on my agenda is getting this black damp mould gone so her Asthma does not get any worse, than it already is. And so Mummy does not get so ill she cannot look after her because I am telling you I have never had to use my inhalers like this since childhood when I nearly died of Asthma because I could not breathe. I never needed them in London. And since working at the local school canteen my health has gone down hill. Because that place is run down too with asbestos of all things on the roof. It is so possible to fix this and get a new school canteen if some rich people looked at how lucky they are and did more for others to raise funding to change children's lives. Greedy banks it is time to pay up and help others you have ripped us off for far too long and our children suffer because of it.

I feel for Jodie who has Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes because I know what it is like to fight to breathe and how frightening it is. My first memory is when I was three years old and I could not get my breath. I was in the cot at the hospital screaming for my Mother to come back and take me home. But in those days parents were not allowed to sleep over with their children, so that just shows you have some things have changed for the better! I got to be with my little girl twice when she was ill with Asthma in hospital. And Mandy always stays with poor Jodie who is in hospital all the time. Support me so I can help this little girl and others. Cystic Fibrosis is far worse than Asthma. With help I can raise a lot of money with our songs and stories. I wrote this song for Jodie and others like her. My partner created the song and I love his voice.

Little Snowflake can draw, sing and is an endless talent just waiting to be found. I wish there was more money in the arts and they did more art for kids at school! In sports there is plenty of money "TOO DAMN MUCH," but art always misses the boat. Which means men get all the fun while women and children go without. All children need a chance to shine especially when they have been made fun of in the past for getting things wrong in class. My clever little girl created her very own Trash Pack game. Even Trash Pack are impressed as they did not know that you could put little Trashie on the trash can and pop the lid and watch them fly across the room. Take a look at our little Trash Pack game "Trash Pack not just for boys!" Hey Mummy loves playing this game too.

Now look at the Trash Pack original advert where the little boy throws the Trashie to knock the trash cans down. It is much more fun when you put him on the trash can lid and pop the can so he flies to knock them down.

Little Snowflake takes after Daddy with her singing voice. He sang in front of famous Josephine Wall who is a fairy artist that was commissioned to paint a portrait of singer Britney Spears. Sadly our little girls Butterfly Lullaby dance in front of the Kirk Follies, Enchanted Manor, Josephine Wall and husband got trashed and burned by Cyber Bullies. But you cannot destroy my memories! I am a strong cookie and blessed with good friends. I have a friend in Google!

I am so proud that I nearly got to work with Robin Stevens who has over 30 years in Children's TV. My story Colour me a fairies wish is on my website and something I am so proud of. Thank you Robin for believing in me. All the bad luck that has happened to me has happened for a reason. Now I can make sure things change for all Mothers.

The 2012 Olympics is just round the corner. How funny that I chose the Upwey Wishing Well in Weymouth Dorset and promoted it in my Butterfly Lullaby book.

Weymouth, Dorset is the home town of my partners family and where I met him singing. When I moved to Weymouth he introduced me to the Upwey Wishing Well. I enjoyed summer lunches by the Wishing Well and watched the world go by listening to the calmness of the running water, which you need when your pregnant. Maybe that magic made my little girl so clever and made her shine? I should have known there were fairies watching me. I do miss it! And cannot wait to see my magical wishing well again this year. It will be very busy with the Olympic games but hopefully they will save us a seat.

Well I have over 197 videos on You Tube. My Space got hacked and I no longer use it. Shiny things attract  bad people. Sadly I have met one to many Gremlins but with the Governments help we will put a stop to bad people and we will get out of this awful recession. I believe David Cameron is a good father who knows that the UK must change for our children's sake and will do something about it. He has a difficult role because money has to be found somewhere to pay off the debt. Instead of hitting the poor we need to ask the rich to open their hearts and to help us. When I wrote to Labour they did nothing but the Conservatives wrote back saying they would be in touch and have passed my letter onto their team. David Cameron is making the UK more child friendly and for that I am very proud of him. A good father with good morals. We just need to make sure that we protect the people that need protection and do not penalise people like my sister and mother who are on benefits because of mean nasty men that stole their childhood. And men that were not good husbands that used and abused them! They are broken. Thankfully my Step Dad is a good man and deserves father of the year for looking after our sick Mum for all these years and being a wonderful, kind Dad. My real Dad is broken thanks to his drink addiction which I am ashamed of. He has destroyed his life and his family. But it is never too late. Dad if you are reading this I told you I would be in contact if you change and be a real father to both my sister and I. I intend to fix my Mum and Sister and get them well again, when I am up and flying and there is hope for everyone. You just have to be a team player and open your heart to help others and you will get that kindness returned. The song below is from a poem my sister wrote about how she has mirrored our Mothers illness. She needs you Dad! This song got played on local Welsh radio. My darling sister you have so much talent I will fight for you and get you better! And will never let anyone hurt you again!

I am like a butterfly I flutter from one thing to the other. But I enjoy everything I make and create. My grammar and spelling is not perfect, but I love to blog and my heart is pure. My childhood has some bad memories like most people, but my gift is that I have the imagination to switch off and go to another place. A magical place where the world is full of colour and hope, where children are put first and protected. Art and crafts heals your mind and your very sole. I am a people person and believe we all have a hidden talent. Don't let people put you down if you left school with no qualifications. They do not know your story and should not judge. I have not one qualification, but I have achieved so much in life because people gave me a chance. I had to pretend I had a few CSE's to get a job in typing because people treat you like you are totally thick if you have nothing at all and refuse to give you a chance. I wonder what they would say if I told them get lost, have you seen your Mother take her life because of bad people that destroyed her life. Every adult has a story and inside they are a crying child longing for that glimmer of hope to get them out of the big black hole. Listen and stop judging! I ended up being the PA to a Managing Director of an Architectural firm in London. I started working as a receptionist for three years. With no promotion away from reception I did get fed up and told them where they could stick the job "somewhere where the sun does not shine." The clients loved me because I was bubbly and always got their messages to the right people. Fast typist so all the work got done. And I never let them down. So I understand why they wanted to keep me there. I left for a year and went back. See this picture below that is where I worked Gilbert's house. And we all know how famous he was. Gilbert and Sullivan the music composer's. See any sort of connection here? Music ... my partner sings, my Dad plays the guitar, my real Dad used to play the guitar and my little girl sings. It was meant to be! Maybe Gilbert's Ghost is pushing me forward? I think I will get my little girl to write to my real Dad and ask for a photo of him when he was in a band. Also get him to draw again as he could have been famous and had his work put in a gallery, but drink destroyed that dream.

Then I did the photography course and my tutor asked if I could teach him Photoshop. Don't hide your talent, with You Tube you get a chance to show the world that you are special. So shine, sweetie, shine!


Here are some of my photographs. The song was a poem my Mother in law wrote for us for our baby girl. My partner is wasting his talent away. But I refuse to let him waste his life away the way my father did. I will keep posting his videos and make him shine.



Before my Nan died she gave me the biggest treasure any grandchild could dream of and that was her old sewing box. Just looking at the sewing box takes me back to the days when we would sit with Nan creating so many wonderful and beautiful handmade crafts that I hope to one day share with the world. She tried to give me money but I turned her down because I wanted her to know I loved her for her and no money would ever replace that. Even though shed died feeling ugly because of the colour of her skin she knew no money could buy the love I had for her and she has inspired me to be the person I am today. My Nan got in debt giving to charities, a very kind sole indeed. Nan I know you are proud of me, god bless!


I created this painting Trapped in the City back in my 20's. It is about how I hated working for my Uncle in London. My friends gave me the confidence in myself to move jobs. Thank you Paula for getting me into Haskolls where I managed to work my way up the ladder to MD's secretary through sheer hard work and determination.


Under the Hammer said will they sink or swim. No they will fly!

The lyrics to the Enchanted Manor are by me. All songs are no longer on the Internet as we are waiting for changes that will help make Butterfly Lullaby fly. Butterfly Lullaby could be the next Disney for the UK. Keep watching!

The Enchanted Manor is where I will be one day holding a big venue for talented people so we can all shine together as one big happy family!

I could write for England, Wales and Scotland. Come on guys team up together and make Great Britain the best of British with the heart that matters, so us Mum's proud!

If you are a Mum who has suffered badly, you owe it to your child to ask for help. And we will help each other to a better brighter future so join London Mum's and make life happier because team work can move mountains! Google is a team player and look at what they have achieved. If there are any Dad's that have been left by women who do not deserve you and you have ended up with the children while she goes off with a new man. Leave us a comment and we will see if we can eventually help you guys too so all our children get the support they need for a better life.

I am now blogging for London Mum's because they are at the heart of the UK with the big huge heart. They accept every culture. Thank you London Mum's for opening your heart and the door for me to blog and meet new friends. Together Mum's will change the world. And guess what guys this Mum does not mind being a stay at home Mum, because I feel that is where I should be. But sadly women are not always treated the way they should be and men do let them down. That is the only reason we need security in knowing that we can earn a living ourselves from home around our children. The Internet is where it can all happen! We just need protection. A night in shining Armour and that is GOOGLE!


P.S. From experience those that tell you that you are worthless are just jealous of your shiny glow. Don't stop believing in yourself GOOGLE IT!

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-J-Bainbridge/595087537 www.butterflylullaby.co.uk, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

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My old computer can't take any more it keeps freezing and saying kill pages, kill pages. Whatever that is all about? I would prefer the word stop rather than kill. Anyway sorry for any errors, spelling or otherwise but the computer is far too slow to keep up with my fast blogging and all my videos and photographs. Otherwise I would go in for biggest blog in the world and keep going until all my story was on this one blog. But hec that would be one hell of a blog and I think it would totally blow my computer. Maybe one day I will be able to get a decent computer that can keep up with me. To all those bloggers, happy blogging and ignore all the negative feedback you get they are just mean, nasty people who do not know how to show someone a little bit of compassion and support. Remember you are worth it so shine with GOOGLE and GOOGLE it!

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