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Monday, 5 March 2012

Struggling Mothers support group where is it?

My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and I am a struggling Mother. Low salaries and high living costs have made it very difficult for my partner to support us. Big companies do not care, just look at Fairtrade! We need a Struggling Mothers free support group so we can help each other support our children the best we can. Contact me, because I believe we deserve more than we are currently getting. The media and Internet are putting the multi Billion business that trashes and harms family values before our children and family values. All children should come first! And there should be free help for all Mothers that need to earn money from home by just using the Internet safely and securely. When I get on my feet I hope that I can bring something positive to Mothers so our children no longer have to suffer.

Here is my email address: misschilliebee@msn.com

Our children need to grow up with true family values. How is this possible you ask? Well it is easy. The multi billion pound industry that destroys family values and allows some parents to cheat must be moved to a paid for subscription only service. And fined if they advertise anywhere near child related sites and products. No more advertising on the Muppet Show videos for date me for free, as this puts family values at risk! Some parents are very selfish, they put their own needs first before their child. Children need more of a say and they have a right to see both parents if they want to! No parent has the right to stop their child seeing the other. The problem is the media trashes women with the Sun's page 3, TV and the Internet. How are men ever going to respect us with programmes like the Essex girls?

Here is my little girl talking about the damp in our house. She wears a mask because the Internet is not putting our children first and protecting them.

When I had my child, who I adore, I was never told that I would lose my human rights and I never knew how awful this world really is until now. I want my child to grow up in a world that respects her as a human being. How can this happen if we have so much trash that makes women look cheap and nasty?

Ask yourself do you really love your child? Would you put them first always? If so don't sweep this problem under the carpet get in touch and lets form a free Mothers group that puts our children first.
Contact Sharon misschilliebee@msn.com

Only I could create a fairy book with no money coming our way or going to Jodie's Cystic Fibrosis trust for hope for a cure. Big companies make all the profit. That is why my book is being sold for over £60+ and we are left to suffer in this horrible damp house drowning in debt! Proud to be British, I think not!



How dare this rich women Edwina Currie dishonour and question a Mother on a £1,000 salary a month. Struggling to support her children and going without food herself.   Haley Sanderson, thank goodness another Mother is speaking out. Come on the rest of you where are you! Stop putting up with the rich forcing us to be poor. They have no idea what it is like to struggle and as for J K Rowling where is her support?


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