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Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to draw Wenlock Olympic toy

Here is a video on how to draw Wenlock the Olympic Toy. My little girl adores these Olympic Toys and it is costing a fortune, te he. When it comes to toys she could open up a toy shop, Mummy finds it very hard to say no.  Sorry the lighting is not perfect on this video. We need to work on that. But Little Snowflake my child artist is very entertaining. And when Wenlock is outlined in black felt tip you can see him better. The Flower Alien Mask is her own design which is on You Tube. She loved her Mandeville pen I picked up for her the other day. I think I made a video of her drawing Mandeville.

She has made up a fantastic Paralympics poster. Total artistic genius.

We really hope to get an autograph from Madison who is here for the Paralympics.
Only found out last year that she is related to our Great Grandad. 

Here is a handmade dolls costume I created for Madison. Modelled by our favourite dolls
Monster High.

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