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Friday, 8 June 2012

Wenlock Hama beads picture toy craft Olympics

Here is Wenlock the Olympic Toy made out of Hama beads the new children's craft for kids of all ages.

My little girl Little Snowflake never ceases to amaze me. She spent hours making up Wenlock. This is a brilliant craft for rainy summer days. And boy has it been raining in Wales. We brought the Hama beads from Hobby Craft. I think we should buy a see-through board and make some templates.

Today I promised I would spend all day making little characters our of Hama beads with my little girl so I will be back soon to show you all our little Hama bead picture creations. This is a lovely little kit for parents to do with their children and guess what, our kids love spending time with us so say to hell with the housework and be a child again. Seeing your children happy is one of the most amazing gifts of all!

I would like you to see some characters I made based on my little girl's drawings. As a Mother I am so proud of her talent. You would think I would be able to find her a sponsor as she is a brilliant artist.

This is my little girl singing a song she made up with Daddy. She came up with the lyrics: The sea is waving me around, dragging me down oh yeah. Can't wait to see her perform at the Grand Theatre with the school choir. Sadly coming from an English background she will not get the support she deserves!

Go to Little Snowflakes Blog for the Wenlock template to make your own Olympic character:

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