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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Children's art group Pontarddulias

Is your child interested in drawing? Do they love art? Would they like to join a unique art group with a fun child artist who cannot only draw amazingly but can sing too? She recently sang in front of 700 people at the Grand Theatre in Swansea with the school choir and had her own solo part, which all parents and teachers are raving about.  My little girl took an art class today in school and the children loved it. She taught them how to draw Wenlock from the Olympic Games and Mandeville from the Paralympics. Funny enough she is related to Madison from Australia who is in the London Paralympics and she also got to meet Non Evans famous Welsh sports women. 

Take a look at some of my little girls drawings and paintings. The audio in the background is of her headmaster telling her he has not heard such an amazing voice in over 20 years. She is singing Heal the World. Her old teacher told me today that she had tears in her eyes when she sang. And Mothers said they had chills and could not help but cry. It was lovely to hear from her teacher how proud he is of her and how amazed he is at her confidence to not only teach the class to draw, but to sing so beautifully in font of so many people. How could a mother not promote her and be proud of her talent. 

Here she is drawing Draculaura.

This is my little girls art gallery in her room. Who knows one day she may end up with a real art gallery.

My child loves to draw and sing and I am sure she will bring much happiness to other children by teaching them how to draw with her. If you go to Weymouth for the Sailing Olympics make sure you pop down to Sand World and see the Sand sculptures which are amazing. My daughter based the fish in this picture on the sand art from one of their postcards and as you can see Wenlock and Mandeville are swimming with them.

Lastly here are some vegetable and fruit pirates I made based on my little girls drawings when I was trying to learn Welsh. I think she has an amazing imagination and I am sure your children have too.

If you would be interested in joining my little girls art group please get in touch and we will see if we can rent a room once a week for an hour. Would be nice if parents could attend with their children as it will make it easier. She wants to teach children aged 6-8 years old.

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