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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sing Smile song for Grandma

Grandma called up yesterday and asked if my little girl, Little Snowflake, could learn the song smile by Nat King Cole. I don't know about you but I adore this song and love the Smile version by Michael Jackson too.

So this is a blog reminder for me to help Little Snowflake learn the song Smile.

Nat King Coles version of smile:

Michael Jacksons version of song smile:

Hopefully I will be able to add my little girls version of smile here too.

My little girl and her father always make fun of my singing voice, because I quite simply cannot sing, and thankfully I can laugh at myself and would never dream of entering any singing competitions because some songs I try and sing do sound awful. I am tone death. But yesterday when I was trying to teach my little girl to sing Smile she said "Mummy you can sing a little bit." I looked at her in shock so recorded the following video of me trying to sing Smile. When I was singing later on in her room with her, Daddy confirmed no honey you can't sing. Maybe one day I will find out what people really think I am good at? Do you like the photograph I took of my child when she was two years old below?

For now I leave you with Little Snowflakes version of Heal the World:

And her version of Save me by Queen the band, not the Queen Monarch:

Daddy and daughter sing together and sometimes make up songs. I adore this song they created.

This is a song we made up as a family about don't drink and drive for a school competition and yes proudly we can say she won a prize. She created some of the lyrics about no presents for them and some others. Daddy made the music and Melody and I wrote the other lyrics. Team effort.

It is not a lot to ask for adults to put children first and to create a world that shows them true morals. I look forward to the day when Children can shine again in a safe place. When they can sing and perform at the Grand Theatre and parents can keep those memories for them to look back on. If you want the same for your child get in contact as teamwork is essential for a better and kinder world.

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