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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Paralympic film The Best of men

When we were in Weymouth for the Sailing Olympics 2012 we watched an amazing film with Grandma about how the Paralympics first began. It is all thanks to a very determined doctor called Dr Ludwig Guttman who refused to treat spinal injured soldiers differently to any other war soldier. He saved their life in more way than one and gave them something to live for. The film The Best of Men is a totally brilliant British film, which sadly I am unable to show you a clip of. But here is a play based on Dr Ludwig Guttman and his courage to save our British Soldiers, the hospital was called Mandeville and that is why our British Paralympic Mascot is called Mandeville. If you get a chance to watch the film The Best of Men you will celebrate the Paralympics more than the Olympics as these athlete's are people to be really proud of!

Here is my painting of Mandeville! My little girl is my biggest fan and wants to keep this painting.

The Founder of the Paralympics: Dr Ludwig Guttman. Here is a video created by his Great Grandchildren of the unveiling of his Bronze statue.

I want to wish Madison who is related to us through my Great Grandad the best of luck in the London Paralympics. We so wish we could meet her!


I have not blogged for over three weeks because I have been in Weymouth with family. We did not go and see the Sailing Olympics as we are not rich and the tickets cost £50 each. But I did get to video the Sailing Atheletes at the Weymouth Carnival on the bus drinking champagne. I also had a grave escape from a shark in British Waters, but that true story is for another blog so come back to hear more true stories!

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