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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Absent father song

Absent father song by Lil Pat called Heart of the Warrior. What would we do without You Tube ah? Recently I got a request from Lil Pat's mother for Jakson Lee (my partner) to get in contact with Lil Pat with a view of working together on some songs! Well when I checked this song out I was blown away. The lyrics are totally heartfelt and will relate to a lot of people who have grown up with no father figure. An absent farther. Not only that but I do not like rapping but this is pure genius!

I first got a message on this video with Jakson Lee singing with his daughter Little Snowflake! We created this song for a school competition "Don't drink and drive!" Little Snowflake came up with some lyrics I did the rest and Daddy put the music and melody together. She did win a prize for this which we are very proud of! Well done sweetie!

A women's work is the song Lil Pat's mother commented on. Watch this space I really look forward to hearing some amazing music from these talented guys!

I am on Google+ under Sharon J. Bainbridge. Still have to work it out as I have been busy blogging. Don't you just love your Google blog and what it can do to showcase your families work!

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