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Friday, 21 September 2012

Bad Mothers shame on you!

Bad Mothers shame on you! How can a Mother let a child down? A good Mother will see the problems in our world and make sure that she fights to change them. Why should our daughters go through the same pain as we have because of the way some men treat women. How many unhappy women do you know?


Any Mother that idolises Kate Middleton needs to really question why? Why would you look up to someone that wears a see-through dress to catch the man of her dreams. Teaching our little girls that basically we are just brainless walking pieces of meat. My daughter loves my cuddly belly and the fact that I teach her that the only way to gain respect when you are older by men is to dress and act correctly! No bear fear!

Kate Middleton parties:

I was speaking to my friend who believes in the Islam religion and do you know she is the only person in the UK that has the same views as me. Western women just do not see the importance of acting in a manor that men will respect so we are treated equally. My daughter would totally freak if I was the sort of women to sunbathe outside with no top on. If Kate wants to be a Mother then she needs to start acting in a responsible manor. Even though I am not a Queen of England fan, I respect her for never ending up in the press doing stupid things.

Kate Middleton the unfit Princess.

What does Kate do for Struggling Mothers and children in the UK? Please tell me as I really want to know why people idolise her. My daughter sings god save our children and I say wake up!

Women must act and dress for respect in life as otherwise we will never change our daughters lives. Men do not respect us! Not all men, but sadly we are still being paid poor salaries and bullied in business by some very bad nasty men. Women must change and give us equality for our little girls future. Equality is just pure respect from men and decent wages. Family values are important so put children first!

President Obama. Here is a man that respects struggling Mothers and children.

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