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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Butterfly Lullaby song

How many Butterfly Lullaby songs are their now? To think little old dyslexic blogging me started the whole Butterfly Lullaby thing. That I own the Butterfly Lullaby trademark. Does this mean that all the Butterfly Lullaby people using my name should be paying me some money? Big companies with money seem to get away with complaining about people using their Trademark name and put a stop to it so why can't I! Oh that's right because I don't have the money to fight back. I am just a mere pleb!

Butterfly Lullaby song or should I say songs! To think this is my trademark name, my book, song/songs, and butterfly fairy photography, which has been put on hold. The journey has taken me on a totally different path, one that I hope will mould my little girls future to a better one! Lets take a look at the my original Butterfly Lullaby song. This is the original Butterfly Lullaby book launch at the Dylan Thomas Centre. I created nearly all the fairy costumes. If I could do the Butterfly Lullaby dance again I would have my partner Jakson Lee singing the song live and my daughter the Butterfly Lullaby princess dancing. It would be acted out like the scene in the story book where the King Butterfly is sobbing his heart out because the Butterfly Princess had flown away from home in the above video. But of course the Andrew Lloyd Webber way! The Butterfly Lullaby Princess did dance at the Enchanted Manor in front of fairy artist Josephine Wall but the Gremlins destroyed my video footage with a crash and burn. Oh boy could I tell you some true stories!

The thing is Butterfly Lullaby is not just a song or a load of songs. There is something much more deeper and meaningful and one day I hope a publisher will take on my true Butterfly Lullaby story. But I would need a women who believes in herself and takes no rubbish from men to do it. Is their such a publisher? I somehow doubt it! After the original Butterfly Lullaby came Swing Outs Sisters Butterfly Lullaby song. Of course because they are famous my original Butterfly Lullaby had to take a back bench and then something awful happened. And this is why MP Claire Perry is trying to change the Internet to opt out of things that are not child friendly. To think I have been complaining for over 10 years with nothing getting done. So lets hope the Western Culture does not mess this one up.

Anderson Press brought out a Butterfly Lullaby book around 2009, which I managed to get them to change to another title, thanks to my Butterfly Lullaby TRADEMARK! I think this is the author. There can only be one Butterfly Lullaby and that is the original Trademark one! Especially when this Mummy is not rich and wealthy and could do with a bit of compassion so I can earn to support my little girl.

Now there is this Butterfly Lullaby song, along with many others. For me personally with all the struggles my little girl and I have had to go through I feel it would be just common curtsy to say in their videos that they are using my Butterfly Lullaby Trademark name and have asked permission! Even to put in their listing that they are using my name with a link to my website etc would be something, stating that I am the original Butterfly Lullaby. Instead of trying to overtake me in the search engines as if they are OOAK, when really they are just sheep followers! Sounds harsh well one day when you read my true story you will understand why I am fed up and fight back! Hearing my little girl cry because Mummy has not been able to earn enough money to sort out the problems with the house is no joke!

My friends son who is 16 years old read my Butterfly Lullaby book from start to end in one night. It is a big book so it took him a long time to read and made him late for school the next day. He said he could not put my Butterfly Lullaby book down. So whatever the grown ups say "Children know what they like to read!" And I feel really proud that a 16 year old boy really enjoyed my fairy story. Who knows one day Butterfly Lullaby will fly and end up on the Cinema as I had dreamt! And do you know what would be really kind? That would be if all Internet Providers, Councils and Governments apologising to me for the lack of support with getting justice for what some awful mean and greedy people have done to my little business. I am a mother and deserve respect for trying to support my child from home. I have been to hell and back, but I never give up or give in. Butterfly Lullaby is mine! All I can say is thank God for Google! Without them I would have no voice! And I am using God in a good way as he has taken me on a Journey I will never forget and will fight to change because of it!

Who knows if I manage to get the support with this animation course I may be able to create a short version of Butterfly Lullaby with the song/songs myself! After all what are wishing wells for if not to dream and make dreams come true!

My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and I am on Google+

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-J-Bainbridge www.butterflylullaby.co.uk, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

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