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Monday, 3 September 2012

Cheap High Heel shoes for little girls

Cheap high heel shoes for little girls! I thought I would do an experiment on Ebay to see just how many views I get for selling these awful high heel shoes my Aunt brought my daughter, Little Snowflake. This is a family show so I hope the adverts are child and family friendly!

Take a look at my listing! Would you buy these horrible shoes for your little girl knowing that one day they will end up acting like so many girls in Britain, listen to the song Beer fear at the end of this blog?


I have listed all the reasons why parents should not buy these horrible shoes, but will they take any notice?
Western Culture! Why do so many people follow like sheep instead of actually thinking what is right for our children? And why are little girls brought up to dress like grown ups and then end up on X Factor making a total and utter cheap and tacky fool out of themselves and making mothers and women like us look stupid?
Gary said no to some silly women wearing shorts and dancing like something out of a drunken stag night. But guess what the girls said yes. Shame on! Hate to tell you girls but this is not equality but stupidity!

I know I am not going to be Mummy popular with this, but then I have always been the black sheep where I don't need anyone to tell me how to act or dress and can make my own mind up. Believe me I have made many mistakes in my youth but one thing I refuse to do is allow my little girl to follow in Mummy's footsteps!

I have put these horrible shoes on Ebay for a starting bid of just 10p. Think I need to give them a plain background to really show off how horrible they are and add the counter to see just how many parents look at this item.

Lets see do I want my little girl to follow all the other Western girls as a Beer Fear girl, "NO." Because a Mothers job is to learn from our own mistakes and to warn them that this is not the way to find love when you are older! Seriously how many women do you know that have dated men that are heavy drinkers and have led a life of hell. Not to mention that most guys that take advantage of a drunken girl will never see her again. Hence all the unwanted babies in our world! It is time to start taking responsibility for this!

So what has that got to do with silly high heel shoes for little girls? Everything. You have to question why can we not video our little girls when they sing at the Grand Theatre? Why are there all these CRB checks? Because our world is pretty sick. And this is exactly why I as a Mother want to ask for your support to get a CRB check Website for our children and struggling mothers so they can shine in safety and Mum's can stop being bullied about getting a job outside of the home and instead get help and support to earn on line selling old and new things + creating original songs, stories and art and craft projects to sell as downloads. With no fees! Advertising would pay for this website and our children and mothers deserve it. After all enough is spent on SPORTS!

My little girl asked Mummy why am I not allowed to watch myself sing at the Grand Theatre and show my children and grandchildren what I achieved. I think the above explains it all! Question is are you going to just sweep it under the carpet like everything else or do something about it?

Children have the right to shine in a safe family environment! Especially those children that have parents on low income that cannot afford to send them to stage school etc!

So what is it going to be are you going to be a sheep following re the high heel shoes for little girls or are you going to say NO to Western Culture and give your little girl a chance at a happier life than we  have had thanks to some men that treat us very badly! And I have met a lot of bad men in my time! But some women are to blame for allowing them to treat us badly and for making excuses. Worst of all for dressing and acting badly in public! And before the good men get upset, I know there are some wonderful men in our world and my step Dad is one of them. My partner has been a great Dad to my little girl, but we have both suffered from absent fathers and so have many more. I would like to see all the good fathers seeing the problems we have and doing something about it! This song is about an absent father. Why are children put last? They deserve a Mummy and Daddy that loves them and takes family seriously!

My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and I am proud to be a Mother who cares about her little girls future and makes sure she enjoys her childhood as a little girl and not a grown up! If you have just woken up to being brainwashed welcome to the real world and get in contact if you would like to help change it!

P.S I hate all those tacky sites so if there are any adverts that are not family friendly please report them to Google. Thank you! This is a family show!

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