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Thursday, 13 September 2012


Cheap postcard mind map! Have you ever created one? I am thinking about it using my cheap postcard idea to cut down on expenses. My first cheap postcard blog is the most popular. However, since then I have had some high quality postcards printed which I add high quality photographs to and they end up costing just 40p each in total as opposed to 80p and higher and look very professional. Tesco's printing is not the best for a professional finish, which I originally recommended. And watch out as some photo developing companies say their photos are 4x6 inches, but really they are not, which causes a problem when you go to stick the photo to your postcard as they simply do not fit. Can I recommend a good photo developing company, sure! But I think why should I as all these big companies only care about themselves so why give them free advertising! Here is my original postcard blog with the postcard template. For me personally I prefer a higher quality finish and now use my own blank postcards to add photo images to, but it depends what you want them for so you are welcome to print off my postcard template.



Here is my Mind Map. Today I feel what's the point. In the five years of surfing the net I have not met one person that believes in fighting for our little girls future and trying to change the way men treat us so they have a happier life than ours. My Mothers Mind Map was for struggling Mothers, but it looks like most Mum's do not want to team up and help one another as they have become too much like most men! Our poor kids where do they fit into all of this! More absent fathers and children struggling with one parent families.

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