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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Gods message for all children

Gods message for all children. Do not follow the sheep! You can change this world if you try. Teamwork is everything, but even without a team use role model Aung San Suu Kyi as your guide. She does not waste her time praying all day and all night, instead she speaks out and tries to change a world that does not care about our children because grown up's have become to selfish! Use her strength and get in contact if you really care about our children's future. Ask yourself, when you go to heaven what do you think God will be proud of? The fact you prayed non stop for our world to change? Or that you actually did something to try and change it. All the churches and religions in the world, tell me what are they doing for all our children? All gods's children! The answer is simply nothing, because they are too busy proving that they are the only religion.
No one cares about my little girl as our world is cruel and heartless!

This is a poem I wrote. I want you to think about it and make a change in our world by being a team player and making our children proud!

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