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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Kate Middleton keep clothes on tax payers

Kate Middleton you need to keep your clothes on and not waste tax payers money when you were silly enough to sunbath with no top on! And we say the poor are not educated! You need to get your act together and start acting like a Princess and not a Sun paper model! The world has gone totally bonkers. No Princess should act like this even if she is on holiday! Their are no family values any more. Grown ups are putting their own selfish needs before our children. Where are good role models for little girls. Is every Country like this or has Great Britain just gone totally mad? Not giving a damn about our poor children and having good role models that make sure they grow up properly! The big old "S" sells so our world does not care about our poor kids! Grown ups are mean, selfish and greedy with no morals whatsoever. And we ask why we have so many problems with the young growing up. Dumb or what!


How can the rich and famous act so badly and get away with it when our children in Great Britain need help and support. Kate is talking about wasting Tax Payers money because she has done wrong! But most of the British people will stand by her side because they are so proud to be British. Zoom us up Scotty and get us the hell out of here! Is there another planet that is normal and not bonkers? I do not know one mother that has the same morals as me!

My little girl crying because our world is too selfish to help! No help from Police or Government when they did bad things to my business and stopped me trading. 

God save our children, the royals are bonkers, god save our kids!

Bring back Michael Jackson at least he did care about our children and protected them! Shame the media destroyed him. He was a total victim of fame. No bad man would have done all he did for children. I know that now! Listen to his songs and the hidden messages.

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