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Friday, 4 January 2013

Nikon D70 Camera fault CHR

Nikon D70 Camera fault CHR message (this Card cannot be used.) Welcome to year 2013! Hopefully a new memory card will fix the problem, just a pain that they are so expensive. Switching the camera on and off and taking the battery out did not work. My daughter has been using my camera to create her Sylvanian Family animation so all her images have been lost. She will not be a happy bunny when she realises all her hard work was wasted. But on the up side I am sort of working out Crazy Talk Pro animation! This is a very sweet little character she created yesterday, which I managed to animate.

For those of you with the same problem with the faulty code CHR for the Nikon Camera, there is an information page if you search Google. But it does not give you much more information than I already have. Will leave a comment to let you know if the new memory card works! Feel lost without the camera as it is something you really need for blogging!

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