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Monday, 4 February 2013

Danger Homeschool

Danger Homeschool. Your child will stop copying. Your child will stop crying. Your child will stop worrying. Your child will start to enjoy learning as homeschool is not a competition like real school! Your child will no longer be surrounded by bullies or stressed out teachers! At the end of the day children have a voice and my daughter told me "Mummy, I want you to homeschool me because I hate normal school!" She was picked on for being small in height by children her age and younger.
No child should be forced to say their times tables in front of the class when they struggle. Or read out aloud. Is it any wonder she copied if she was told she would be kept back in her break if her work was not done. My daughter has seen our GP three times about her anxiety, which is all down to bullying! Bullies need to be punished and stopped!

This is my daughters evidence on how stressed out she was in school and how she hated maths. Listen to the lyrics. But there are good teachers!

My daughter adored her teacher last term. He built her confidence up when one teacher had destroyed it. I cried when she sang in school and so did teachers and parents. A teacher that understands bullying a child causes anxiety is a very good teacher indeed. Thank you Mr Norbury! You know you were my daughters favourite teacher and you made her school life fun! Sadly some teachers expect too much from children and do not understand that they are all different. Not all children are blessed with sponge like memories on all subjects! Bullying kids to learn just because of school checks is immoral. Why not speak out and tell the Council/Government you want change instead.

This is the t-shirt my daughter gave her teacher last term.

I really hope I can find a Homeschool network so my daughter can make new friends. I think you will agree she is hardly shy!

Amanda Todd is proof that bullying in school needs to be taken seriously! No child should suffer and bullying is not good for them, need anymore proof? Please share ideas with us on Google+ 

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