Friday, 10 May 2013

Child's Google Job Mind Map

Child's Google Job Mind Map, by my very talented daughter, "SNOWDROP." My little girl loves zapping food through the till at our local Supermarket. I asked her what job do you want to do when you leave school. She replied I want to work in the Supermarket down the road. My heart sank, had the pressure school teachers were under really destroyed her confidence that much, that she had forgotten who she really is and what she is capable of. I do not envy anyone working in a Supermarket with the low wages and you just do not get treated the way Google treat their staff (Google Dream Job is a must!)

So I showed my little girl Google's Offices all around the world and asked "Do you still want to work in a Supermarket?" She replied "NO WAY, I WANT TO WORK FOR GOOGLE!"

Now we need to find out what qualifications she needs and what sort of jobs are available in Google. She would be brilliant at looking after the staff's children, because she is fun and talented. She could sing them any book.

And she could also show the kid's how do draw amazing original characters, like her outstanding Flower Alien design. 

She loves creating art video tutorials, who knows they may be part of a huge Homeschool website one day.

Just take a look at some of her amazing Doodle writing. I wonder if she could get a job creating Google Doodles?

Children love arts and craft's and I think you will agree, she certainly has talent as she designed this doll from scratch. She drew the pattern and Mummy made it. Now she wants to make a Lalaloopsy rag doll with her very own design. Looking forward to seeing this as she insists on doing it all on her own.

Because I homeschool her, I can really research how I can make sure she gets her Dream Job with Google. Well she has a massive portfolio of videos from the age of 5 years old. And this is her very first one, which still makes me smile. "You gotta, cut, cut, cut!"

My daughter loves her family and I hope that I can get the support to get back to England so she can see her Daddy everyday as she misses him so much. Family is so important to children. If I can help children speak and get their families back together I would do it for free. Because making children smile gives you such a buzz. They are innocent little individuals that deserve a real childhood, which sadly our society has been destroying for far too long. Why are schools forced to teach them things that only grown's are meant to know about? I find it horrible and very worrying! Maybe one day Google will save them all with Google Homeschool. If so I hope we can be a part of it, because it will be simply out of this world! If anyone can give our children their childhood back it is GOOGLE!

Well the next step to making sure she gets a job with Google is by seeing if we can do a Homeschool visit so she can discuss with Google what qualifications she needs to get her dream job. Watch this space. Mummy is on a mission to make sure her career and life is going to be amazing! And that when she becomes a Mummy she will not have to have the financial stress I and other Mothers have had to endure.


Lastly I leave you with Moron, Welsh for Carrot!

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