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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dolls by Sharon J. Bainbridge

My Nan always kept lots of art and craft books. She introduced me to peg doll making and had a wonderful book on creating Victorian Style peg dolls. I wish I had kept the dolls I made with her! 
The above picture shows some little characters I made for a lady that wrote a story called Fairies with Attitude. I ended up keeping the little peg dolls, which my daughter adores. Here are some peg dolls and butterflies I have made.

Nan also had a book on Porcelain doll making. It really interested me so I did a doll making course in Brighton. The doll in the picture below is the doll I used in my Butterfly Lullaby fairy book.

When I wrote Butterfly Lullaby, I decided to make the character dolls too and of course the simplest way was to use good old pegs!

I have always enjoyed designing costumes. Here I made Draculaura into the Princess Butterfly in my book, Butterfly Lullaby.

I adore this Lagoona Blue fish dress. And London Mum's Magazine told me they had the most hits on my blog about this costume I made.

Here are some other costumes I made for the Monster High Dolls.

This little rag doll is one my daughter designed. She made the pattern and gave me instructions on how to make it. And has even written a story based on this gorgeous rag doll.

My daughter created her own little Holly Blue Butterfly wings and costume for a Bratz doll.

This is my attempt at the Cabbage White butterfly for the Bratz Doll.

And the Bumblebee Bratz doll costume.

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