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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Dressing up clothes where to sell?

I remember when my little girl was about 2 years old and how easy it was to earn money from old clothes etc using Ebay. Now it seem like a complete and utter nightmare. Am I right? Postage is through the roof and the cost of listing the item when it does not sell is heart destroying. You just do not want all these unwanted fees or to waste your time selling things at 99p as slave labour. What does a Mother have to do to try and provide for her child these days? And where is the support for Mothers to earn from home?

Mum's (Mom's) please share your wisdom with me. I look at these mothers groups and feel quite disappointed because they are run by people who seem to care about one thing and one thing only and that is huge profit. They do not seem to be a least bit interested in helping Mothers that need a helping hand so they can earn from home to provide for their children. All they do is push the advertising! And expect free labour through blogging. Not very child or family friendly. Hopefully with a lot more nagging (I hate nagging, but it is necessary in our world!) things will get changed. Ebay seems to be the only place to sell stuff these days so wish me luck with wasting my day listing items and selling them for peanuts. 

Here are some costumes I made, what do you think?

Any mothers making good money with their blogs? Please share your wisdom.

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