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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lalaloopsy Toy Story

Once upon a time in Lalaloopsy land lived a mermaid. She had wonderful pink hair when she was out of water, but as soon as she got her hair wet it turned a wonderful shade of purple. Her fish tail was as blue as the sea and like all mermaids she longed to walk on land. She would sit on the rocks near the beach and watch other Lalaloopsy dolls play in the sand and run freely jumping over the waves.

One day when she was swimming close to shore she spotted a beautiful pink house. It was simply divine. She imagined herself sitting outside under the umbrella and serving cold drinks to her friends.

Mesmerised by the beautiful pink house on the clifftop she did not hear the Little Lalaloopsy calling to her from one of the beach houses on the sand.

Little Lalaloopsy thought she was in trouble and swam to her rescue. "Are you ok?" she asked. The mermaid jumped and tried very hard to hide her big blue tail. Luckily the water was quite murky and the little Lalaloopsy was unable to see beneath the waves. "Yes I am fine thank you" replied the mermaid. Little Lalaloopsy asked if she would like to join her on the Lala Oopsie Playset. Before she could answer ...

she felt a soft breeze above her and looked up to find the most beautiful Lala Ooopsie Butterfly and ...

another, but a different colour. Oh my, sighed the mermaid. How wonderful would it be to fly!

"We have to go now" came a loud voice from the beach. It was Little Lalaloopsy's cousin calling from shore.

"I best go" said Little Lalaloopsy. Will you be here tomorrow? "Yes indeed I will" replied the Mermaid. Maybe being a Mermaid was not so bad after all as she did not have to go home and could swim for hours admiring all the wonders of the Lalaloopsy land from the calm blue sea.


Here is my daughters original design of a Lalaloopsy doll and sister.

Share your stories and videos with us on You Tube and see more Lalaloopsy videos here:

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