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Sponsor child artist, Snowdrop (Little Snowflake) so she can continue to flourish and grow with homeschool and build on a career that fits her ability. First, I want to show you how my daughter has progressed in homeschool, since taking her out of school last year (2012.) She begged me for years to homeschool her and I am really pleased with her progress. As you can see from the above video, she has a lovely voice and is very confident with singing book reviews (She can now read big books.) This is coming from a child who used to make up words when forced to read out in class, for the fear of being made fun of. She hated reading! And she also used to copy because she did not understand the work and did not want to miss her break, which would have happened if her work was not complete. Therefore what option does a child have? She was not being naughty, and it is important we all understand that when a child copies, this is a cry for help, not punishment! My daughter has a short term memory. She can spell fifteen words correctly and then forget them the next day. Same with times tables. Our Education System is not geared up for children that do not have sponge like memories and that is why they fail when it comes to exams, which I find very sad and just a little discriminating. Matthew Peterson has proved that visual learning is far better than the written word for all children and hopefully his research and knowledge will give hope to our future generation, especially children that struggle in school.

Teachers and parents cried when my daughter sang Heal the World last Summer (2012.) In the school concert they had to repeat the lyrics as she has a short term memory and could not remember the whole thing. But what an amazing response and how proud was I when the Headmaster begged her to join the school choir.

In 2011-2012 she had the most amazing teacher who was concerned about her anxiety with school work and wanted to make sure she did not feel pressured in his class. Mr Norbury is a fantastic teacher who got her confidence back up in school after serious bullying when I had to get her moved class to Mrs Williams, who very kindly took her half way through the school year in Summer 2011. When my daughter sang for the first time in school the amount of teachers, parents and children that commented on her voice and performance was nothing but breathtaking. I was so proud of her and feel it is important that gifted children are protected and promoted, because all children need to feel they are good at something. This is a t-shirt she gave Mr Norbury, he was her favourite teacher, because he took her anxiety seriously and made sure she got through his school term happy and not stressed out! He also used to make her feel proud of her art. 

I also love this design she created for her Headmaster. Both illustrations are brilliant!

I would like you to listen to my daughters made up Maths Rap. And hear how stressed out she sounds. The lyrics go something like ... 

I've got my crazy in my bones. I've got my thinking to explode. I'm going to explode with my head inside. I've gotta do maths, I've gotta do maths, I've gotta do ma, ma, maths. I've got to write so fast. I'm walking down like a robot. Down the hall and the hills that give. I'm trapped in this box with me. My head is going to explode. My head is going to explode. Not me ... ee. 

It is so important we as a nation take bullying and anxiety in children seriously. And question how many kid's are suffering because they cannot cope in school. And what can we do to change this! 

  1. How many children leave school with no qualifications and why? 
  2. How many children could have dyslexia, but there is no funding to help them?
  3. How many parents pay for the dyslexia/other tests because schools do not have the money?
  4. How many grown ups suffer from mental illness due to bullying/pressures in school?
Any support with getting the above statistics, would be really appreciated.

Matthew Peterson has dyslexia and just proves that this is a gift and if dealt with in the right way,
 all children will get their chance to shine!

I am in the process of trying to get her Sponsorship, because my daughter wants Mummy to continue homeschooling her. Imagine my child hated reading! Now she wants to sell some toys to buy some books. This is unheard of! I am so pleased that I homeschooled her, it has been a financial struggle, but she now has no anxiety and can read. She also is no longer frightened of maths. Bonus! Even the Home Education lady was impressed with her writing skills for her age. This proves that if you allow children to progress at their own pace with no pressure, they will learn. 

For more singing book reviews by my little girl, check out this blog link:

Here are some of my daughters blogs. A lot of her work is on my Butterfly Lullaby blog as well.

Research Dr Reisman and how she won in Croatia against certain S-- Education in schools and why!
This relates to why this German Homeschool family have a right to homeschool their kids! Remember, children are only little for a short time, so it is important they act like kids and not grown ups! 

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