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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Why men don't help mothers earn from home?

Why men don't help mothers earn from home? Anything to do with Mothers teaching children right from wrong and steering them away from the grooming that is taking place in our Western Culture? A good Government would help mothers earn from home, without question! Think about it!

My daughters friend is a huge Adventure Time Fan. And we all know how children follow other children. Because I have a very close Motherly bond with my daughter I have taught her that our Western Culture is man run and they all need to sit on the naughty step as they are not putting children/family first. She questions those revolting magazines in Food Shops, because I have told her it is wrong and the Educated morons that put that muck in front of children should be put in prison as there is something seriously wrong with their head. Who believes a child cannot see the top shelf? They have better eye sight than we do! And it simply is not acceptable behaviour from grown ups to try and groom children this way. Take a look at what my daughter found and questioned on the You Tube Adventure Time Cartoon. I have taught her well. And one thing I teach my little girl is not to keep secrets and to keep her clothes firmly on. She is banned from watching this now and she agrees it is very bad what these directors put in front of children.

So you heard and saw it for yourself. My daughter questioning why these men are creating sick cartoons? What is wrong with them? They all need to be fined!

Here is my daughter asking the question "Do you want Mummy at home?" My daughter does! So why is our Government not helping mothers like you and me earn from home. I have sent them enough letters and seen my MP twice. And their replies are simply not good enough. It looks like they don't like children and hate mothers. Are they all Gay? Is this why Gay Marriage has overtaken normal family where a child gets to have a real mother and father? Watch out Mothers because these men will next try and force us to take jobs on the streets. You know like the Old Police song Roxanne, I am not kidding. I saw my MP about it and have the magazine that glamorises student girls taking this job as a career choice to fund their studies as Law Students (Stay clear of corrupt courts.) And his reply was "The girls are old enough!" This is from a father!

Do a little research into http://drjudithreisman.org/ and what is happening in Germany/USA re Homeschool. Our man run Governments want to break the family home and replace it with a Gay one and worse. And I am not anti Gay people. But children have the right to a Mother and Father, and currently MP John Hemming proves children and families are gagged from speaking out. Here he is on Children Screaming to be heard website. Ask where do the 100,000 missing children go in the UK. Also question how they covered up Jimmy Savile for all those years and why are his followers protected? This is why there is no support for mothers to earn from home. Please share this information with everyone you know and tell us your stories.

I used to be able to put Toys R Us adverts for toys on my blog, which related to my art and crafts articles. But someone has deleted it. And for some reason instead of my money going up, it is going down and now I have not been paid when I should have. I have had seven years of bullying men on the Internet steeling from me and stopping me from earning from home. All those fathers that sit back and do nothing, shame on you. You could help mothers earn from home if you wanted to.
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