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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Best Mummy (Mommy) in the world

My daughter tells me I am the best Mummy in the World every day! I think I will have to keep a record of how many times she tells me she loves me, as I am very lucky that she thinks so highly of me.

Yesterday my daughter surprised me with a letter. She wrote the address on the envelope and set out the letter in the correct format with her address at the top on the right hand side. The date on the left with our address again for me underneath. Wow, was I impressed, she even wrote Dear Mummy and added a title in capital letters underneath. As well as printing her full name at the bottom, bless! This is what was enclosed:


I love Mum (Mummy) with a drawing of me wearing my glasses.

A maths sheet (Addition) which was titled Maths. Underneath she wrote:

To Mummy maths for you.

For you Mummy you are the best Mummy ever.

And this is what her letter reads:

                                                                                                                    Our address

Date (September 19th 2013)

Our address

Dear Mummy


Today Mummy I thought that I will do this. And say how much a wonderful mum you are.

Mummy you are so cool when you are up in the Sky (Her little poem.)

My Mummy is the Best mummy and I am ............. (She put her name.)

Your daughter

I wrote that for you Mummy your the Best Mummy ever.

Signed with her signature
And she printed her name.

I have often asked her why she thinks I am the best Mummy in the world and her reply:

1.  You always put me first.
2.  You don't let anyone bully me.
3.  You put me before money because I don't want my Mummy working away from home.
4.  You homeschool me, which I love.
5.  You do arts and crafts with me.
6.  You spend time with me.
7.  You care about all children (We are currently hoping for support to set up a Children's Council.)

Before I go I want to say that Leigh Anne Tuohy is a mother that I greatly respect. She is the Best Mother in the World because she is teaching people to care about other children and this is something we all need to do.  I want to meet this lady and hope that she will support the World Wide Children's Council to protect their human rights. This proves how a Mothers love can change a child's life. I adore this true story because my Nan saved us from the Social Services nightmare as a child. My Mother is a lovely Mum, but sadly men have destroyed her childhood and her adulthood and she is mentally broken. That does not make her a bad mother, she is a victim, and I thank my lucky stars that Nan got my step Dad to marry her so we got the family life we deserved with our mother. I would not have wanted it any other way. And as Nan was an orphan she knew full well what the state care system was like so saved us from her own painful childhood. Michael is different and needed a good family. It is really sad the way Social Services tried to brainwash Michael into believing the Tuohy family were bad. This proves that the Tax Payer needs to take control and start protecting our kids worldwide.

Forced adoption for profit by MP John Hemming.

My Nan was made to eat and sleep in a shed with her brothers as a child. Social Services ignored their complaints and made them feel they were lucky to have a roof over their heads.  They also moved them from a happy foster home for the hell of it. This is how the UK treats orphaned children and why we need to end this abuse!

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