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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Jazz Kids Singer

Jazz Kids Singer, Snowdrop (Previously known as Little Snowflake) is looking for band members for her Jazz Kids Band. She needs the following band members (Swansea, Wales, UK:)
  • Drummer
  • Guitar player
  • Bass player
  • Back up singers
Here she is singing "It's a man's world." The video was put together very quickly and she has not practised the song. You need to listen to the rest of the video to hear the quality of her voice. I adore her original songs, especially Family Joy and Smooth Jazz Mouse. Parents leave a message on  www.youtube.com/user/butterflylullabyLtd

Here is Snowdrop (Little Snowflake) three years ago singing our original, sad Christmas song with her father. It is a song we created as a family when her school was asking for poems for "Don't drink and drive."

Snowdrop takes after her very talented father, Jakson Lee, who is also starting up his own band; singing 80's songs with a brilliant drummer who owns a pub in Weymouth, Dorset (UK.) The same place the Olympic Sailing took place. When Snowdrop was in my belly her Daddy was on Radio Devon. Here he is talking about two of his original songs. He has also been on Welsh Radio, such a shame we have no recording of it.

Jakson Lee created the original songs for my Butterfly Lullaby fairy story. I co wrote some of the songs to merge in with the story.

In 2009 Jakson Lee (Snowdrops father) sang in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall and the Kirks Folly (Who are on QVC TV) at the Enchanted Manor in the Isle of Wight (UK.)

Here is another original song by Snowdrop called Book by Book. All her songs are made up on the spot.

 Happy Day's sung by Snowdrop. She has an asthma cough and needs to practise this song a bit more. But for her age I am very proud, especially as Mummy cannot sing one note.

Fingers crossed the Libraries reply to Snowdrops letters and get a fan base for her singing book reviews!

I am very excited about my daughters band and love the name "Jazz Kids." Parents please note they will be singing only child and family friendly music, and with today's music industry we need it! Hope to meet some talented kids and we just adore songwriters/poets! Get in contact on You Tube, link below:

Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+ https://plus.google.com/104251289011091479681
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