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What are children's rights? Are these rights created by children or grown ups? Do these grown ups really understand children, and more importantly care? Or do they have a hidden agenda? And do they really put children 1st? From where I am sitting I see children from broken families because people are no longer Educated to respect children, mothers (women) and family life. Women's Aid proves that 1 in 4 men do not respect women, because they hurt them! So where does that leave our children? Education has failed our children and our families and things need to change. Western Culture needs to stop advertising all the things that destroy family life and instead concentrate on all the things that keep it together. I will investigate what Children's Human Rights are and place them on this blog. And then we can discuss how they are not being met and why! It is important the Tax Payer understands that they pay the Government/Council to do a job to protect children/family. And if they are not doing the job they are paid to do then legal advice is needed!


My daughter wants to be homeschooled and does not want Mummy forced out of the family home to work in some low paid job where she does not get to see me. That is her Human Right! And considering this Mummy re-mortgaged the house to start a business that was destroyed by things that are anti children/family I have the right to demand change, an apology and compensation for damages! I am still fighting for JUSTICE! And will never give up on my child's human rights or the rights of other children and their future happiness! As a parent I have a responsibility to make sure that when she grows up and has my grandchildren she does not have to struggle the way I and other families have because the UK and other countries lacks serious family values!


Why is the UK not protecting children and families and Educating them on what real family life is meant to be like and how we must put children first. We start by changing the media and force men to respect women as human beings. If men do not honour the mother of their child then how can they be great fathers? I would like you to read this article by Ruth. Many children have better values than grown ups! Children have the right to chose where they live and who with. The State has not got the right to destroy their childhood!

Our society should be ashamed as Children's Rights are non existent. If they existed we would not have Forced Adoption for Profit and Secret Family Courts. I have already requested a copy of Jack Straws Gagging order from my MP, which of course has not been sourced. He has not done his job because his morals are not of a true family man that puts children and family first. How do I know that, because I complained about the University of Swansea encouraging young student girls to sell themselves for money. They have totally been brainwashed by our society to think of themselves as objects and not human beings. I am going to request a copy of Children's Human Rights and also ask for the Jack Straws Gagging Order AGAIN, which denies them their right to a happy family home of their choice! And protects them from dangerous high society people like Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath.


The above letter is from Jodie, she has Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes. Her mother, my Cousin, had to take her out of school because one girl stopped every child in her class from speaking to her. Jodie has to inject herself and therefore needed someone to go with her to make sure she was OK. But she had no one! Jodie used to drink Coke to get her sugar levels up. Children in her school bullied her because of it. Her school let her down. They did not sort out the bully. Many schools let children down because the victim is always the one that suffers. They did not only let Jodie down, but they let her sister down too. Chelsea was bullied because her mother brought her up with morals and she refused to join in with the girl bullies and hurt others. She ended up being bullied and having to move schools. It goes on everywhere. And for some strange reason our Education System does not seem to be able to solve the problem.


My cousin takes her daughters health and happiness seriously. She knows full well that if you do not stop bullying, this can lead to your child suffering from serious anxiety and then really bad mental health issues later in life. She was not willing to take the risk. As it is Jodie suffers with Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes, so does she not have enough to deal with, without being made unhappy by nasty children who have not been brought up to treat people with respect.


I asked my cousin a really stupid question when she told me she homeschooled her daughter and why. For some reason my brain did not acknowledge the pain and hurt Jodie had been through. It was as if I was brainwashed to think a certain way and I asked her "Does she not miss her friends?" Seriously what friends would allow their friend to be hurt in such a manor. But this is how we are trained to think. We are made to feel that State School is normal and that if your child is bullied then they just have to endure it as life is tough.
I am so proud of my cousin for putting Jodie first and for taking her out of school. They have the most amazing mother/daughter relationship. She is an amazing Mum, who puts her child first. She is not interested in finding some man to love her. Nor does she drink because she feels sorry for herself for having a child with serious illnesses. And she does not gamble the family money away, when it should be spent on her child. This is what every child needs, a mother who puts them first! And a father that respects the mother! By the way I created Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy for Jodie and others with Cystic Fibrosis. Do you think you can get help from the Government and BBC to help these children. Of course not!


Why do you think the USA Government are so keen to deport the German Homeschool Family? Ask yourself do our Governments put children and family first? Well if they did we would not all be in the mess we are today. There is a reason they want to send this homeschool family back to Germany. And that is so all our Governments can ban homeschool worldwide and further take away children's rights to a happy childhood, but instead be groomed by their bullying system that teaches them strange things that are not for kids.


My daughter saw how happy her cousin Jodie was because she was homeschooled and wanted the same human rights. I tried to deal with the bullying by some teachers in school and children. But it got to a stage where I could not get her moved class again as all the other children would have wanted to be moved. I know this because I was told five parents complained about the teacher my daughter did not get on with. If a child is told "Too slow" and bullied with no kind support and made to feel worthless in front of the class, they will not learn.

Watch the Blind side and ask yourself are we doing enough for all our children? Our children all over the world need a Worldwide Children's Council to protect them from people who are obsessed with money and worse. We are talking about high society people who follow in Jimmy Saviles footsteps. These people destroy children's rights. And this is something that must not be ignored.

My Nan and her brothers had their childhood human rights destroyed by Social Services. We must talk about this problem because it has not changed!

Send me a video through the video response links in my comments. I want to know what you think!
The video is called Social Services Danger.

Lastly, the following link is for parents only. Please read this and help protect our little girls and boys! Education is meant to be about teaching children morals and values. Not how to sell themselves and put themselves in danger for big money.

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