Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Best Mother in the World

Maggie Tuttle the Best Mother in the World!

My dear friend had such a sad childhood. One day she said to me "I wish you could have been my Mummy!" I felt so chocked, I could feel my eyes tearing up. Her childhood was total torture. No child should suffer and I feel it is our job as mothers to help all children! I thank my lucky stars that my Nan gave us the family life we deserved and saved us from Evil Social Services. Nan knew all too well from her own nightmare experience as an orphaned child, just how cold and hateful the child care system is. I adore my Mother, it is not her fault she is ill (She has a kind heart,) so how can this Country punish families this way? They need support and love. And I hope to one day be a part of a group to help these Mothers so children have the family life they need! It is shocking that children are forced to live with strangers, instead of choosing family, like Grandparents, who currently have no rights whatsoever! Shame on Britain!

How lucky am I. Just look at my happy childhood memory. How many children in the UK and Worldwide can say the same? My daughter wants Mummy at home, but our Country forces mothers out to work to break the family bond between Mother and child. There is currently no support for mothers to earn from home, and I as a Mother have to question why?

Best Mother in the World, I would be honoured to get this title, but I have not yet earned it as only my daughter can say this with pride! I need to follow in Maggie's footsteps and be a mother and voice for all children that need help and support. Mummy Maggie has most certainly earned this title! Most children nominate their blood/foster mothers as the best Mothers in the World. I said to my little girl this morning "I want to be the best Mummy I can be" and she replied "But Mummy, you are already the Best Mummy in the World, you can't do better than that!" But I can, and I will. I often think about my Nan when she was four years old, no mother or father to show her love and guidance, instead she was forced to live in a shed with her brothers, where they were made to eat and sleep and treated like slaves. A little four year old girl crying herself to sleep with only her books to escape the nightmare reality of being a child slave. When they eventually found a family to treat them as their own, evil Social Services moved them for the hell of it. The stories I hear from victims, I believe and want to hear the children's side of the story, that is why we must get a Children's Council together to give children a voice to be heard above the corrupt "FORCED ADOPTION FOR PROFIT" AND THE ILLEGAL SELLING OF CHILDREN IN THE UK AND ABROAD!


F A M I L Y   IS   SO   I M P O R T A N T

My daughter has written me so many letters thanking me for homeschooling her and protecting her from bullies. This is her true story and why I want to help the Romeike Family win the Homeschool battle to save Children's Human Rights!


She adores having Mummy at home. Financially it has been a struggle. But it has paid off because I have the most amazing/polite daughter. When we go shopping the shop assistants always comment on her good manners. The other day she insisted she make me breakfast. And asked for me to buy her a broom so she can help me clean up. It just shows you that spending time and giving your child the family life they want and need, pays off! She respects me as her mother and does not treat me like some sort of slave. We are a team, the way every family should be! Here she is asking children "How important is family to you?"

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P.S. I forgot to mention, my little girl has been asked to sing for an Event next year called "FAMILY MATTERS!" She is in the process of writing a new song. This is her old one called Family Joy.


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