Monday, 2 December 2013

Are the rich destroying the poor?

I have a question for you this morning and that is "Do you think the rich are destroying the poor?"

My personal view on people that have money, and these are people I know, is that they love MONEY! They love money so much, nothing else matters. It is like some sort of obsession. "They are never happy with what they have, they must have more!"

I was told Steve Jobs proved that when he got paid $5,000 for a project his friend did for him. The money got the better of him, as he only gave his friend, what $300? This was before he became rich. Most rich people I know are tight! Show me rich people that are helping the poor, because I do not see any, they all want paying. That includes singers etc who do charity work through their agents for money. The poor are expected to do everything for free, whilst the rich tread on them and destroy their family lives.


And remember by the rich destroying the poor they get to steel your kids! Forced adoption for profit is real and MP John Hemming is here talking about it in London Parliament.

Sign the petition for Children abused by the state on the Concert for abused children website.
It is right at the bottom of this website, just follow the link!

I remortgaged to try and earn from home so my daughter could grow up with Mummy at home. I was miss sold on the Internet because it is not child or family friendly and has been allowed to do whatever it wants to my business. I will never trust a rich person, because the only people that help the poor are the poor! And the letters I have written to Governments and the lack of support for small businesses, not just mine, is unreal. The Tax Payer pays them to protect children and family life and you tell me what you think they are doing?

The only way forward is for poor people to team up and help one another to get on their feet financially. And to never let money get the better of them. Children and family matter!

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