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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Minecraft Game

Minecraft Game. Can someone explain this game to me. Did he really say "CHILDREN!" Are children characters trapped in a pen? I would really like to find out about this game because as a MOTHER, I only want my child to build. Animals are creatures kids love. And children are innocent beings. So what is going on?

Why would anyone produce a game that teaches children to do this ...

Children love Folly Farm and Zoo's, because they like seeing the animals. My daughter enjoys building, but the animal stuff in Minecraft upsets her. Why would any child want to play a game that hurts animals? This is playing with their little minds!

Parents really need to research what is happening in STATE RUN CHILDREN'S HOMES! To understand my questions. Parents don't forget Jimmy Savile and what the rich and powerful are capable of! 

My Nan was a child orphan and a victim of our disturbing State Child Care System. So, I would really like some answers. 

So many children are playing this game! Please update me with your thoughts. But have some compassion for all the poor kids suffering in the State Child Care System, before telling me this is just a game, because I am not laughing! It is time for the Games Industry to start liaising with good Mothers and Fathers to create games that are child and family friendly and teach children to be good kind people that care about all creatures great and small.

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