Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mum felts roof on outside bin

Feeling very proud of myself, Mum's the word! I never thought that I would manage to fix our outside bin roof. I don't care that it is not perfect. At least the bin looks better than it did and it is no longer leaking.

I always thought felt would be hard to cut. But it was easy, as you can see the bin was in a bit of a state. And I am no carpenter.

I kept the old felt on and tried to bang the broken pieces of wood together. 

Then I got out the duct tape and tried to patch it up.

I then prepared the surface to place the new felt on top.

Next I laid the new felt on top of the bin and nailed it secure.

Job done! Next job will be the Wendy House Roof!

It is amazing what you can achieve if you try. And it did not cost a penny as the old felt and nails were in the shed.

I think I will celebrate and put all my daughters Mummy songs on disk. I love being a stay at home Mum and hope one day that I meet others who believe in putting children and family first and help Mum's earn from home.

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