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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Child musicians wanted Pontarddulais

My daughter is looking to start up a band in Pontarddulais, Swansea, Wales, UK. She is eleven years old and looking for child musicians.

Parents/guardians please contact Sharon (Melody's Mummy. Email nevertooldforlegoATgmail.com)

Melody sang "Heal the World" two years ago in school. The headmaster begged Melody to join the school choir. Parents and teachers said they cried when they heard her sing "Heal the World." And children praised her. She then went on to sing in front of 700 people at the Grand Theatre. 

This year she had her own radio show called Never too old for Lego. Sadly the host let her down. The UK lacks child and family friendly values, which we hope to change.

Lego were so impressed with her voice and Lego songs they sent her a present.

Melody singing "THIS IS A MAN'S WORLD." She has not practised this song. I believe in letting her go with the flow and do not pressure her for perfection. Children need to have fun!

Melody loves to make up her own songs. This is Smooth Jazz Mouse.

I adore this song "Family Joy" she made up on the spot. If you listen to the lyrics you will hear her sing about my Mum (Nanny and Auntie Lou Lou.) They have both been seriously bullied through school and had really bad relationships. It is so sad that bullies can make some people seriously ill. I know too many victims of bullying and feel I want to help stop it one day. We are lucky to have our Step Dad, he is an angel. By sharing stories, listening and generally caring about others we could all help change our world. 

Melody hated reading in state school. I really believe she can help children to enjoy reading with her singing stories. What do you think?

Prince William enjoyed Melody's singing stories. Here is his letter.

Another singing story, sang by Melody in Weymouth Library.

I adore my daughters Mother songs. I could never make up a song on the spot, like she does.

Mummy Boo song.

Mothers Day song "What would the world be without you." Melody wrote this song as we both
think about how lucky we are to have family. My Nan was a child orphan who was a victim of the state.
I feel so humble to have had an amazing childhood. I think about children that suffer from Forced 
Adoption for Profit, as proved by MP John Hemming. And orphaned children and think how lucky we are to have such wonderful memories.

Here is a talent competition Melody and I are doing to promote and protect children and family life.

Children deserve the right to shine! And I hope that I can be part of a team to help change the Internet and world to be child and family friendly. Children 1st! We need a child and family friendly music chart and the film industry needs to change too!

Parents/guardians please contact Sharon (Melody's Mummy. Email nevertooldforlegoATgmail.com)

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