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Sunday, 11 May 2014


Melody, my daughter, has Asthma and Allergy problems. Poor wee thing has to blow her nose day and night. People keep telling me that she needs to do some singing breathing exercises. As an asthmatic myself, I know she will breathe better once we sort out her allergy problem. And I am not one of those people who strives for perfection. Life is meant to be fun! And children need praise in whatever they do! Are you a singer? Do you have asthma? Share your stories with us.


Here is Melody singing in the Arms of an Angel. If Princess Diana were alive today I know she would support children and family values. It is so sad the way she was bullied for her moral family beliefs! Old fashioned family values are important and children need their parents together!

In the song "Feeling Good" you can hear my daughter, Melody, sniffing! I just adore her voice and feel perfection is over rated.

Imagine your child creating an album of songs about how much they love you. I am one lucky Mummy! She has made me a better person! Before Melody was born I was totally brainwashed by Western Culture and boy I am glad I woke up! I strive to be the best Mother I can be.

Please share your poems or songs about Mothers, Fathers and Family. We would love to hear them. Here is another Mummy song. She calls me Mummy Boo. So cute!

Melody has suffered from bullying in state school. But I have to thank Mr Norbury because he was a lovely teacher who did not pressure her. She felt so comfortable and happy in his class that she put her hand up to sing in the concert. Here she is singing Heal the World. Parents, teachers cried when she sang as she really touched their hearts. And children came up to me and said "We never knew Melody had such a beautiful voice!" The headmaster begged her to join the choir. And she sang at the Grand Theatre in Swansea.

So if I get any negative feedback about my daughters voice, I just fob it off and remember the day she sang in school and the amount of teachers, parents and children that came up to me and praised my little girl. And sweetie pie, if you ever read this, remember it is good to be small! Take no notice of bullies because they must have very sad lives to pick on someone so special!

Mr Norbury was a fun teacher, he has pets in his class and Melody got to look after Fidget the school pet gerbil. This is her little drawing of him.

I adore Melody's singing stories and feel she could help children enjoy reading. She hated reading in state school. Sadly most teachers are stressed out in school and no longer enjoy teaching, which is why some teachers bully and pressure children that struggle with reading etc. 

Another singing story.

Letter from Rachel Rennee Russell to Melody. Lovely to know that some authors support Homeschool.

Letter from Prince William to Melody about her Singing Stories.


Melody received a present from Lego, because they loved her Lego Songs. I tell my daughter that she must not listen to negative people that try and put her down. And I think the above proves that she has talent!

My message to you is "Do what makes you happy and don't listen to negative people who want to bring you down!" Share your videos and stories with us the Butterfly Lullaby way!


This video explains why some people bully! Terry Deary author of Horrible Histories asks the question

There are sadly many British Bullies thanks to State School and broken families.

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