Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mumsnet Forced Adoption for Profit Scandal


I am told that there are only two MP's out of 700 fighting against FORCED ADOPTION FOR PROFIT, MP John Hemming being one of the two. This proves how bad things really are in the UK and the lack of child and family values! MP John Hemming is the only MP I can see on You Tube showing support to children that need his help. And Mumsnet bans him from their site. A mothers group should be protecting children and supporting MP John Hemming, not banning him! And these mothers groups should be helping mothers earn from home and not charging them, because poor children are at risk from being stolen. Sadly these mothers groups only care about money, and are not true mothers!

MP John Hemming proves the UK Government does not want to stop Forced Adoption for Profit! They are making too much money out of stealing children. Reminds me of the Black Slave Trade.

My Nan's true story as a child orphan, made to eat and sleep in a shed. Social Services made her childhood hell. No child should suffer! And this is why Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents need to help stop Forced Adoption for Profit. When I think of my Nan's sad childhood, I ask myself what can I do to help these poor children? It is shocking how many people simply do not want to listen or even care about these poor kids.

If you need help getting your children back, ITCCS can help! 50,000 children were murdered in Canadian Residential Schools. This is all linked to the UK and Forced Adoption for Profit. Ask why Jimmy Savile, Ted  Heath + the Waterhouse Report scandal of children in a Welsh Residential School were hurt and how it was covered up?

Also ask why David Cameron supports Prostitution. He supports Mumsnet! Sadly most MP's believe our little girls are old enough for this line of work. Lets face it most men in Government cheat on their wives and don't care about destroying their children's family lives. Princess Diana is proof of how bad things are.

And  ask how Swansea University has obtained funding to brainwash our little girls into the line of work that puts them in danger and destroys family life. The selling of children and women in the UK seems like a thriving business for the rich and powerful!

United Parents Against Social Services. Amy fell down a cliff and nearly lost her life. How dare Social Services steal her child!

Get in contact, share stories and lets get Britain back on it's feet and help children worldwide. Good old fashioned values are needed to protect children and family life! Dump the fake charities and start being a team, because our children need us!

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