Friday, 13 June 2014

Asthma Cough cure for children

Melody, my daughter, has had asthma since she was a baby. Of course the doctors tried to tell me she did not have asthma. But when you have asthma yourself, you know when your child is fighting to breathe. I was right and they were wrong. Mummy always knows best!


Two people I know have warned me about the inhalers and how dangerous they are. So I will be researching this. But for now, I want to share with you asthmatics some very good news. First of all here is the ingredients for a natural remedy to stop your child coughing. My daughter loves this stuff and it works!

Ingredient's - Honey and Orange
You can use a whole orange or just half. And you need runny honey.

Sieve the orange, because most children hate bits!

Try to have more orange than honey, because otherwise it is too sweet.

Mix with a wooden spoon. I use the end of my mixing spoon.

My eleven year old loves this stuff. And it has stopped  her coughing at night.


Both my daughter and I have not used our inhalers since Sunday night (coming up to five days.) Melody always complained about cleaning her teeth, because every time she finished cleaning her teeth she would end up producing a never ending amount of phlegm in her nose and throat. She was going through 1-2 toilet rolls a day blowing her nose and coughing up phlegm. The great news is she is getting better! It is so lovely to not see her suffering the way she used to. We stopped using fluoride toothpaste on Monday. Instead we put a little salt in pure water, not fluoride tap water. And brush our teeth with that. We also gurgle, so the salt reaches the back of the throat. Then we rinse our mouth out with pure water, not fluoride tap water! But we do not gurgle with it, as we need to keep that salt at the back of the throat to help our asthma. And it has worked! I would recommend to keep inhalers in the house for emergency. But we are trying really hard to stay off them. Asthmatics tend to breathe through their mouth. This is something I used to do. Learn to breathe through your nose. The nose has a built in filter and can help stop allergies.

Buteyko - Learn to breathe through your nose


This person had serious arthritis and is now cured because he stopped drinking and using fluoride tap water.

NZ dentists tells us to stop using FLUORIDE!

This young lady from Girl AGAINST FLUORIDE has done a grand job of informing people about how important it is to force our Governments to stop putting fluoride in our water. Support and share this information. And let us know if you have benefited from drinking pure water!

Share information and help protect children and family life.
Email: Mummy (Sharon)

People always comment on how my daughter needs to breathe properly when singing. Well now we have stopped using fluoride I think her singing can only get better. For me as a mother, I adore her singing voice anyway!

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