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Mother prostitutes are a child's worst nightmare. So why is the UK promoting it? Child psychologists work with damaged children who have prostitute mothers all the time, and are not trained to help the mothers into work from home jobs, which do not put their children in danger! Instead they are trained to have an open mind. This seems like the work of Dr Kinsey's paedophile ring? We need to debate this!

Email me at to show your support and protect children and women from a world, which promotes things that put them in danger.

Look how Cari Mitchell promotes mother prostitutes. There are other ways to earn money from home, which the people in power refuse to help with!

The UK has no morals when it comes to protecting children and promoting family life. And it is time to change that. Children need and deserve stability! They need one parent at home and these parents need support to work from home with moral jobs! Western Culture needs to change to be child and family friendly and end the abuse on children and women.


The Lottery funded the Swansea University to brainwash Student girls into prostitution, claiming the work was well paid and flexible working hours. The University received £500,000 Lottery Funding to research this. When I complained to my MP, he told me "THE GIRLS WERE OLD ENOUGH." So if MPs believe our little girls are old enough to be prostitutes, what hope have we got of protecting children in state care from people like Jimmy Savile and Prime Minister Ted Heath?

Barrister spills the beans on Prime Minister Ted Heath who arranged to have children murdered in state care! He said "Ted Heath raped boy children." No wonder gay marriage was pushed through so quickly!
And I am not against gay people. But children do deserve the right to a mother and father who put them first.

Why is there only one MP out of 700 fighting for children and family rights? Anything to do with Ted Heath?
And why are brick walls in place to make sure that this MP is not allowed to help people, because they do not live in his area! All very convenient!

I received an email from Dr Reisman who wants to help protect children and women all over the world. Paedophiles in power want to lower the age of consent. They are responsible for paedophile Sex Education in our schools created by paedophile Dr Kinsey who arranged to have babies and children raped. He also promoted prostitution, knowing that this encouraged family men to cheat and destroy their family life. Children have the right to a happy family life with a mother and father who put them first and do not cheat, take drugs, drink heavily or gamble! Shame on our sick and twisted culture and for those who ignore it!


Dr Reisman won a court case in Croatia against Paedophile Sex Education. Croatia have the least child pregnancy in the world, because they teach their children to keep their clothes on. Which is something we need to do to protect our children from perverts!

MP John Hemming proves Forced Adoption for Profit exists in the UK. Tax Payers money is being wasted on forcing children to live with foster parents. It costs the Tax Payer £500 a week per child. Imagine that money being spent on helping families earn from home and protecting them from a state that promotes Kinsey and his sick abuse on babies and children. Now do you understand why they are teaching children as young as 4 and 5 years old about sex? And why they are trying to lower the age of consent. These same people protected paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Prime Minister Ted Heath.

I am looking for moral parents to help me protect our children and give them hope for a better future.
If the Lottery can fund destroying children's family life by promoting student prostitution. Then they can damn well help save family life and fund helping families work from home using the Internet with moral, well paid work. I am looking for a website person who is NOT addicted to porn, drugs, drink or gambling. Someone with high moral values towards children and families. Unlike our disgraceful Western Culture! I need to find parents that care about all children. Get in contact:

My daughter had her own radio show this year called Never too old for Lego. The radio owner who hosted her show had no respect for children or mothers, which is why we quit. It is an outrage that our Laws protect bad people! I refuse to put up and shut up and demand respect for children, mothers and women!

MP Claire Perry being booed in Parliament because she wanted to protect children from porn on the Internet. How many paedophiles do you think were booing her? Sadly MP Claire Perry knows about the Student Prostitution article I sent her, and has done nothing. Are MPs really working for you the Tax Payer?

If Princess Diana were alive, she would be protecting our children and families.


Thanks to I have managed to help improve my daughters health by cutting out fluoride. Fluoride made Melody, my daughter, ill.  Fluoride is bad for asthma! Whenever she brushed her teeth it stressed her out because she could not stop coughing up huge amounts of phlegm. In Wales our drinking water is not fluoridated. I called Welsh Water to double check and they told me although the water is not fluoridated at the moment, they are trying to add fluoride to it. I said "They can't do that, because it is a poison!" The lady on the other end of the phone replied "I KNOW!"  Growing pains, similar to what Melody had are related to Fluoride! The fact is you do not have to listen to me. Just do your research. Our kids need their parents to have an open and free mind because their future depends on us! And whatever you do, do not let the dentist coat your child's teeth with fluoride varnish, this is extremely toxic. I am fuming that a temp dentist put this muck on my little girls teeth. The girl against fluoride is taking the Irish Government to court to stop them putting poison in their water. We need to protect our children and help her win!



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