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Did motherhood change you?

Motherhood has changed me, has it changed you? I would like to hear from mothers who believe it is their duty to protect not only our own children, but others too. Signing petitions is not a lot to ask to protect a child's future and their childhood. The right to be a child should be LAW!


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We live in a world which puts children and women in danger through bad education and advertising things that destroy family life. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee and be a team player to protect the next generation, especially little girls! The day will come when our daughters will be forced to apply for prostitute jobs, like Germany, if you sit back and do nothing! Recessions are created on purpose, because the rich profit big time from it!

We need to start talking about real issues to protect our little girls. How many women do you know that have been hurt by men? I know plenty of good men, but I also know of bad ones and it breaks my heart to see women I know and care about suffering because of men that are not educated to protect children and women and have been allowed by Law to hurt them.


  1. Money problems
  2. Heavy drinking
  3. Gambling
  4. Drugs
  5. Cheating Sites / Prostitution / Adult sites = Abuse on Women and Children
There are so many Western Mother who do not research what is happening to children and women in the UK and abroad and do not understand the dangers they are putting their little girls in by encouraging them to dress as adults. The paedophile media wants little girls to dress like adults. And we as mothers need to protect them from it! Because if we do not, they will end up being victims of abuse! One if four women are hurt by men in the UK. And if we allow them to legalize prostitution, it will get much worse!

Now I want to ask you a question. Why would MPs and Higher Education promote Student Prostitution, the selling of young girls, to dirty old married men. £500,000 of your money has been wasted on the Lottery funding research into student prostitution to promote high wages and less hours. This magazine was in a Library near the children's reading section. Why are public servants such as child psychologists not trained to protect damaged children who have prostitute mothers? And why do they refuse to help stop prostitution stating "They have to have an open mind!" Why are they not trained to help mothers earn from home with moral jobs?  This behaviour is totally uneducated and immoral!  And it is all related to Forced Adoption for Profit as proved by MP John Hemming. When I tell most Western Women that my MP told me the Student Girls are old enough to be prostitutes, there is no shock and no horror. How can these women/mothers protect our children if this does not shock them? An old friend dated a father who bragged about being a swinger and paid for prostitute services. And worse than that he paid for prostitutes for his son. 

When you go into a Food Shop and your child wants to look at the magazines. Does your child question the revolting images of women? Do you question why there are magazines in the shops that show women as objects for sale?Or have you both been brainwashed to believe this is the norm? My daughter questions these magazines because I question them and how this damages family life. Children's lives. There are too many children and women who are victims of abuse at the hands of men and it needs to stop! I want to see good fathers fighting for change for their daughters sake and mothers.

Are public servants serving us the public? They are paid by the Tax Payer. So why is it so difficult to get real answers from them. Here a man asks the Tax Office "Is there a Law that states we have to pay Tax?" Interesting enough the Tax Man asks about Lawful Rebellion "FREEMAN OF THE LAND!" We are forced to give the Councils and Governments information on how many people live with us. A man went to prison recently because he did not want to sign a birth certificate after checking out what it really meant. Are we really free people?

This is why a father refused to sign a birth certificate and was put in prison. More profit for the Forced Adoption for Profit as proved by MP John Hemming.

MP John Hemming states clearly that the UK Government will not stop Forced Adoption for Profit.

It is costing the Tax Payer £500 a week per child for them to be forcefully taken from their families and put in state care. Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath targeted children in state care and they have followers! Educated people should be using money to protect children and families and help them out of this man made recession.

My Mum said to me on the phone recently, do you remember how frightened you were when you got pregnant. Look at you now "You are the best mother you can be." When I became a mother I learnt to put my darling daughter before myself and it has made me a far better person. She has made me realise just how lucky we are to be mothers, motherhood is a gift like no other and we need to treasure and protect all children!

Here is one of many mothers day songs. Melody tells me everyday that I am the Best Mother in the World.
When your child tells you this, you know you are the best mother you can be!

The day before Mothers Day, Melody made me a Mothers Day Banner. I look at the way she respects me as her mother, and then compare that to how some people I know treat their mothers. And it makes me question "What can I do to help change that?" Some people use their mothers as some sort of Bank Account and sponge off them until they drain them dry. 

Princess Diana loved her children! Sadly she did not get to see them very often when she bravely spoke out about the way she was treated. Why should any mother put up with a cheat, because this behaviour destroys family life. A child's right to a happy family home with their mother and father.

Do you think about your child's future? And how too many children are suffering because our world does not promote children and family first? Are you a team player? Imagine if all the good mothers in the world got together and debated everything that destroys family life and came up with a plan to change things. Don't you think our children will thank us for caring and making sure that they enjoy life without having to fight for normal every day happiness. 

Thanks to I have managed to help improve my daughters health by cutting out fluoride. Fluoride made Melody, my daughter, ill.  Fluoride is bad for asthma! Whenever she brushed her teeth it stressed her out because she could not stop coughing up huge amounts of phlegm. In Wales our drinking water is not fluoridated. I called Welsh Water to double check and they told me although the water is not fluoridated at the moment, they are trying to add fluoride to it. I said "They can't do that, because it is a poison!" The lady on the other end of the phone replied "I KNOW!"  Growing pains, similar to what Melody had are related to Fluoride! The fact is you do not have to listen to me. Just do your research. Our kids need their parents to have an open and free mind because their future depends on us! And whatever you do, do not let the dentist coat your child's teeth with fluoride varnish, this is extremely toxic. I am fuming that a temp dentist put this muck on my little girls teeth. The girl against fluoride is taking the Irish Government to court to stop them putting poison in their water. We need to protect our children and help her win!





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