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Monday, 27 October 2014


Something to make you laugh. And boy do we need laughter in today's corrupt economy.

Yesterday, a slug had managed to get into the kitchen and was crawling on the kitchen floor. I hate creepy crawlies. But as my other half is worse than me. Someone had to take control and sort it out. So I got some tissue, picked it up, yuck! And then threw it out onto the patio. Before I did this, I thought to myself "The rabbits are on the patio, should I go outside and throw it past them?" But no, I thought I could sling that sucker. And where did it land. You got it. Right on Fluffy Woo. And boy did that revolting slug hang on to dear life. It would not come off the rabbit. Took me a good ten minutes to get the damn thing off.

If you research Slug attacks on rabbits in Google, you will be shocked to see that this is really happening.

This morning when I woke the rabbits up I noticed that poor Wispa was covered in slug trail all over his back.
There is often slug trail along the front of his house and sometimes near his food bowl but this was the first time it has been on him.

That's all from me. Signing off from Super Mummy. This is a little character Melody created for me. I feel proud that she can tell me anything and sees me as a super heroine that protects her from bullies.


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