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When I became a Mother, I stopped drinking so much. I used to be a Social Drinker. Once my daughter came along I did not drink until she went to State School. Most Western Mothers drink, and to be Social you tend to join in. Looking back, I am so glad I am away from that environment. I was never keen on going to the pub or clubs, because alcohol changes the person you really are, and you can lose all morals and values. A lot of Western Mothers do not understand why I don't feel the need to go out and get drunk. I actually like spending time with my daughter. And don't feel I need a break from her! Sadly, if you want to be part of the Mothers group you are expected to join the parties. One Mother who worked as a Teachers Assistant told me that some TA's went out, got so drunk, and flashed their top part of their bodies in front of a Restaurant Window. Are these the Mothers our poor children are going to have to grow up with? Ones that promote porn, prostitution and could not care less about fighting for Children's Rights?

My daughters father, thankfully does not drink. And I am truly grateful! Why, because I have seen too many families destroyed by alcoholics! 

This year I have decided to quit drinking alcohol altogether. When I say quit drinking, my old friends used to take the mickey out of me, because I could only drink two drinks, and that was my limit. If my partner bought me a drink to stick in the fridge, my daughter would say "Mummy why do you drink?" And I would explain that I don't drink like some other mothers, and only have one or two now and again to be social. But, her words got me thinking. Why do I drink to be social? My little girl has seen some family so drunk that she felt ashamed. And I don't ever want her to be embarrassed of me. I want my Melody to grow up and be proud of her Mother and use me as a good role model to be the Mother she wants to become. Too many young girls use Pop Idols as Role Models. And this is quite honestly SCARY! As most singers strip for a living. Hardly, role models for young girls!



Mummy song 2013


Mother song Mummy Boo 2014


For Prime Minister David Cameron to try and ban Home Education is an act against Children's Rights. At least I stand up for my child when she is bullied by the State. And protect her. And I have never left her down the Pub or forgotten about her! In the video below my daughter sings about how stressful State School was and what it did to her. Heartless bullies ignore children and their right to happiness! And the question is, why do they really want to ban Home Ed? Is it because our Government and Monarchy have no respect for REAL MOTHERS AND FAMILY LIFE?

I have come across a lot of bullying mothers who hate the fact that I stood up for my daughter and pulled her out of school, to stop some bullying teachers and children picking on her. Bullying is not part of life! No one is going to bully my little girl, as long as I am around! I have had bullying statements from some mother saying they don't know how I Home Educate my daughter because they can't wait to get away from their children. I am glad I am different! And that I have changed to be the Mother, my daughter respects! She is allowed to be a child, whereas some little girls are forced to grow up and dressed like adults in high heels and make-up. You are a grown up for a long time. Childhood is precious and something our children need to really experience.

My daughter knows, she does not need these silly heels!

And I have Educated my daughter that she is a human being with rights. When she grows up she will not allow any man to treat her like a doormat. Men will be made to respect her as a real person. Because she knows wrong from right. And questions things! I am so proud of her for showing me this awful program that her old school friends watch and telling me "Mummy, this is just WRONG!"

I am not on the Internet to make lots of PLASTIC FRIENDS! I prefer real people. If people don't like me for trying to be the Best Mother I can be. Then tough! There is no way I will ever promote porn, prostitution or heavy drinking. That is not the Mother that I want my daughter to remember! I want her to be proud and not brainwashed by our sick and twisted society that needs to change!

My Nan, my heroine! Someone that I really admire and want to be like. No matter how bad life treated my Nan as a child, she never took it out on Society! She never re-married. Because her family was all she needed! Nan was our ROCK. May she never be forgotten! How many people get in debt helping poor children? Not many! That was my Nan, pure of heart!

If I wanted to be popular, I would not be blogging about real issues that need solving. One thing I know and that is I will never give up on my daughter. And I am truly thankful that no matter how bad life can get. My Nan's taught me "That there is always someone worse off!" I just wish I had the money to help them. Who knows one day the Ship will come in and Justice will be served. Then I can do something positive to help mothers earn from home, WITH NO FEES, and be the Mothers their children want them to be. 


If only Princess Diana were alive today. She wanted to be around for her children!

It is really sad that people do not communicate. There seem to be no team players. Sometimes we have to discuss serious issues so we can move forward and create a world fit for our children! Sadly, too many people are addicted to porn, prostitution and alcohol. Our children deserve better role models. I may not be able to help change the world. But at least I hope I give people something to think about. Some people don't want to be helped. But some do. And they deserve support! Something the UK Government does not give!

Only people addicted to porn/prostitution and alcohol would ignore this poor mothers cry for help!

Why do people bully me for asking serious questions? Is it because they are so addicted to porn that their morals no longer exist?

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