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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Dear Tom Crawford questions and support

Saturday 4th July 2015

Dear Tom and Sue,


I have only just got to learn about the problems you have had with our Corrupt Banking and Justice System. I was horrified to see how the Police treated you on You Tube.

If you don't mind, I have the following questions for you. And wondered if you would kindly help answer them, if you get time. Personally, from experience with my own corrupt Banks, I know full well they do not tell the truth. So I believe you 100%. And hope that if we all team up, we can change this dreadful Banking and Government system that is not protecting our children and family life.

  1. How much did your house cost when you purchased it?
  2. How much is it worth now?
  3. How much money have you paid your Mortgage Company over 25 years in total?
  4. How much Interest did they charge.
  5. How much do you think your mortgage company have stolen from you in total, re house, garden plants, cash and possessions?
  6. And why have they stolen all your possessions, including your clothes! This is terrorism.
  7. Lawful Bank said that the Bank uses our money to turn into credit and profits from lending. So if you paid £100 off your mortgage each month for example, they would have turned that into £1,000. And profited from lending that money out at 5-10%. So how do you owe them money? More like they owe you! 
  8. How can a Bank take a whole house with possessions when payments have been made over 25 years. They do not own the house. As it was your money they used to create the credit in the first place. I would like someone to explain this corruption to me!
  9. Does the Queen's Oath prevent the Police from protecting us? Like it does with MPs!
MPs threatened with loss of salary, their seat in Parliament and fined £500 for wishing to represent the people who voted them in, instead of the QUEEN!

I am asking these questions to prove just how greedy and evil our Banks and Government system really is! I will try and study your videos to see if I can get some of these answers and would like to put this information on my Blog and create a video to try and help gain you further support.


Have you looked into alternative medicines and diet? Rather than relying on our current medical system, which profits from people being ill? My friend who is an ex Nurse, told me "Sharon, you must get yourself and Melody off the Asthma Inhalers, they damage your lungs and health!" I turned Vegan in January, and have come off my Inhalers three times. It takes a year for your system to really benefit to be well again. I hope to cure my daughter and partner from their illnesses. It is worth investigating and researching how many people on You Tube have cured themselves through an ORGANIC diet. Remember GMO and Pesticide Foods are really bad for us and cause illness. Organic food is expensive. Maybe friends and family could help grow some for you. I have some Organic Tomato seeds you can have.

Documentary On Leading Causes Of Death - Delay Death With Veganism

This Gardener cured his Cancer through growing his own Organic Foods.
Do your family have a garden where you can all grow foods?

Japanese Knotweed is said to be a good Cancer treatment.  If you could get a Herbalist to advise dosage and whether this would help. You are welcome to come to my garden with your wife and we can dig up the roots and make it into a powder. Free of course! This stuff is expensive to buy! The Pill Companies are making a killing, which no doubt is why the UK Government have set free a killer bug to destroy this amazing Herbal plant, which also cures Lyme Disease! Imagine our Government destroying the free cure for LYME DISEASE. And not wanting this plant to clean toxic soils. Or use it to create cheap Electricity re Bio Fuel. They want us in debt so they can control us. ELITE BULLIES!


Here is Timothy Lee Scott, author of Invasive Medicine talking about his favourite Herbal Plant

I feel for you Tom and Sue. Because I know all too well what is like to be done over by these Evil Powerful Elites. I do hope that you will contact me. Maybe, we can come up with a way to Fund raise and get your house back? Teamwork is everything. I know that you should not have to pay a penny. But we are not dealing with normal people. These people are Nazi's. I only found out this year that THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY FLEW HITLERS FLAG HERE IN WALES!

There is a documentary all about it on my BLOG!


We are all Tom Crawford. Corrupted by an awful corrupt Nazi System. But as a team, we can force change.


I like the idea of Lawful Bank. And trust them more than our corrupt current system. Fancy that, our Banks use our money and turn it into credit and then profit from it. Well you can't get much more corrupt than that. Lawful Bank is something we all need!

I am going to put this on your You Tube Channel. And ask everyone that sees this Blog to please support you and your wife. And lets try and change the system and get your house back.


By the way, I put on my letter to Companies House with regards to the £375 fine for late Dormant Accounts ... "WE ARE ALL TOM CRAWFORD!" See Letter 2. Page 5 of 7. I am 110% sure the Government Paedophile Ring destroyed my on-line Butterfly Lullaby Business and want my Website and Company name to Traffic Children. The witness statement from Dr Judith Reisman PhD from the Law University is evidence enough against these evil Elites. Companies House seem to have ignored her Witness Statement with regards to our Government Run Education System promoting Child Abuse through Swansea University with Paedophile Information Exchange. And no comment on the Papers and Playboys promotion of Child Abuse, which our Governments profit from.


I am sure our UK Paedophile Government are responsible for reproducing my book and selling it all over the Internet with no money going to Cystic Fibrosis for Jodie, or for me as a struggling mother. 



Best wishes,

Sharon J. Bainbridge

P.S. Please feel free to leave me a message on You Tube. I don't really use Facebook much.

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