Friday, 30 October 2015

Asthma Vegan Diet works stay clear of ...

If you read my Blog you will know that I have been on a Vegan diet since January 2015. It is now October. And I am feeling on top of the world! At last I have figured out what makes me wheeze!

Last night I had the best sleep ever. Usually, as soon as I lie down I start to feel wheezy.

It is pretty simple. All I have to do is avoid MSG, BSP, Gluten, GMO, Pesticides and Preservatives.
I know what your thinking, "That is a lot of food to avoid!" But it works. And seeing as my friend, ex Nurse, told me, "Sharon, you must get Melody and yourself off the Inhalers, because they destroy your lungs and immune system!" I have to take this seriously, if I am to safeguard my daughters health. Melody has promised to follow my diet, but wants me to be Asthma free for a year. So I am on a serious quest!

I need to update my Asthma diary. But, I am so proud of myself. Only last year I weighed ten and a half stone in weight. I have lost over two stone in less than a year. And have managed to figure out what makes me wheeze. So, all in all, it has been a really successful year.

Not to mention, I have managed to grow some vegetables and fruits this year. Not the best harvest, but hey, don't knock it, it is a start. With some luck I will get to liaise with other organic gardener's and share seeds and foods.

I have also managed to research Japanese Knotweed. And created my own Smoothie's, Resveratrol Face Oil, and wine for friends and family. Not to mention, if this Mind Map goes global, it could create jobs and save lives!


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