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Monday, 5 October 2015

Japanese Knotweed face oil anti-ageing resveratrol

I have been using HOME-MADE Japanese Knotweed face oil for approximately three weeks now. I love it! It is natural (100% ORGANIC,) no chemicals at all, and has anti-ageing properties in it, re it's RESVERATROL content. The great thing about this face oil is that it needs no preservatives. Note. Preservatives are bad for us!

Watch my video and learn how to make Japanese Knotweed Face oil, using just two ingredients! 

Try and use organic Japanese Knotweed leaves from a friend or families garden.  You do not want to use this plant if it has been sprayed with chemicals! Be careful not to spread this plant into parts of the garden where it is not wanted! I believe it spreads by root and flower. Do your research! 

Lush cosmetics preservative debate! They don't like preservatives, and discuss why!

All about Resveratrol
Japanese Knotweed Resveratrol

Japanese Knotweed leave in hair conditioner

Japanese Knotweed smoothie

Timothy Lee Scott, HERBALIST, and author of Invasive Plant Medicine
Favourite plant: JAPANESE KNOTWEED!



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