Friday, 30 October 2015

You have to talk about problems to solve them!

I am living in a very strange World indeed. Most people stick their heads in the sand and refuse to debate important issues such as child abuse. Which is why we never seem to move forward. Thankfully, Amanda Todd's Mother and Father are different. Their daughters story could well save children's lives. 

Many children, women and men suffer from bullying. But sadly, children and women seem to suffer the most. The Media and Internet get away with promoting things that put children and women in danger. When in reality they should be putting children, women and families first. 

I know that there are a lot of good, kind men in this world. My step father is one of them. But I have witnessed a lot of bad men through my life. And it breaks my heart when I see family and friends suffering because of what these evil bullies get away with. I feel that victims need support and compassion. Because their stories could save lives.

In the UK we have Forced Adoption for Profit, proved by John Hemming MP. Secret Courts, Gags on children and families. Cover-ups with regards to the Jimmy Savile Scandal and paedophile MPs etc. I am sure Amanda's Mum and Dad have a lot of questions, and I hope that my research will give them some answers. 

To safeguard fundamental freedoms, like free speech, please sign here: 

John Hemming MP, speaks to American Journalist banned from investigating the Jimmy Savile Scandal. There are still a lot of Rich Child Abusers alive and kicking!

I have had enough of bullies. We are gagged from speaking out about in Justice. And told to move on. Well, in memory of Amanda Todd, and all the other children that need protection from evil perverts, I am speaking out for the first time on the Internet. And hope my story, along with Amanda's makes a difference. I hate the industry that exploits children and women for money. And will fight verbally for justice! I don't care what people say. They are wrong for trying to gag me. 


Don't be a victim! Be a hero/heroine and speak out. Because your story could save lives. And help create a better and kinder world. One that promotes children and family life above all the trash they use to destroy it! Weakness is sticking your head in the sand, strong people speak out and create change! Keep smiling and don't let the bullies get to you. Just block them!

Share your stories the Butterfly Lullaby way. Justice is coming!

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