Thursday, 19 November 2015


Like my Nan, who got in debt helping poor children. I get much enjoyment out of helping others. I just wish I was not in the financial mess I am in, so I could do more. I have ideas and Mind Maps that could help children and families. But that is only if the Elites take the brick walls down. Or if people join together and help one another the way we all should.

Whenever I walk past a Homeless person, I always try and give them some money or food. When I had no financial problems, I used to give twelve pounds a month to the Homeless. But, now I question all charities, and exactly how much of our money goes to the people that need it. I look at Elites with their many cars and houses, and ask, "Why do they need to show off?" What is wrong with them? Did no one teach them how to share? The amount of tight Elites I have come across is not funny. They pay the worst wages! And that is if you are lucky to get any money out of them. My partner was owed money by one Elite, who had a really expensive flash car in his drive. It made my blood boil. He could afford some stupid car, but refused to pay his staff. Total idiot. If I had my way I would name and shame this moron! For some unknown reason, my partner is protecting this maniac!

Thanks to my darling daughter, Melody, the evil Elites that destroyed my on-line business and our corrupt Banking system, I have changed to be a better person. I am so glad money has not controlled my life and made me into a selfish person.

My proudest moment in my life, apart from giving birth to my daughter, is when I turned down money my Nan offered me. I could have easily taken it. But, I wanted her to know that I loved her for who she was, and not for what she could give me. I felt this was really important, because I was the lucky one. The child that got to grow up around family and friends that truly loved and cared about me. My poor dear old Nan, never knew what it was like to have a childhood full of fun and laughter. At four years old she was orphaned. The mean Government stole her dead fathers army pension, which meant she ended up in state care. Her Grandmother was a racist, and blamed her Burmese mother for the colour of her skin. I look at my white skin, and it makes me sick. I have much empathy for people who suffer from racism. And question the way Elites create wars for profit and blame it on certain groups of people. You only have to look at History, and see how much money Banks have made over the years from Wars. Blood money! It is in their interest to destroy children and family life. They have no hearts! Greed is a mental illness, which is why you don't see any Elites doing the right thing! Oh they may pretend with their fake charities, that benefit them financially. But, they can't be trusted. Which is why they should not be in power!

When I think about my Nan's childhood, I feel an ache in my heart, and a desperate need to help orphaned children, or children that have been stolen from their families by the Elite, re Forced Adoption for Profit. I can picture her at four years old crying her eyes out, and calling for her dead mother to rescue her from the cold hearted state care system, that abuses children for profit. I ask myself, "What can I do to help these poor children?" Making videos, is simply not enough. Complaining to MPs falls on death ears. And trying to talk to mothers about this problem, is a total nightmare.

I know we all have problems. But some peoples problems are far worse than our own. My other Nan used to say, "There is always someone worse off!" This is so true. If only we talked more openly about problems and solved them together. Every single problem we have in this world is created by Evil Elites in power.

All those poor children and families murdered in the name of profit! How long are we going to stay blind to this, and listen to main stream media. History is waiting for us.


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