Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Mummy I love you animation

Spending time with my daughter, Melody, has really paid off. She adores me! How many movies have you watched where children feel so unhappy because their parents are working all the time? Fifty years ago, families could live off one wage, so what the hell is going on? I have seen loads of sad films with very unhappy children, wishing they just had more time with their parents. Growing up, I felt blessed that I had my Mum around. She was always at home when I returned from school. It just makes you feel loved, important and it gives you the family security all children deserve! 

Financially, it has been difficult. Because the Elites destroyed my home on-line business. And tight Elites have not paid my partner his well earned wages. But, every minute I have with her, I cherish. You just cannot put a price on spending time with your children, compared to money. I still hope that I can get the support to help families earn from home and grow their own organic foods. Fingers and toes crossed! I feel if I can offer my engagement ring up for auction to help fund a free website for families, then I expect far, far more from tight/selfish Elites.

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