Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016 what are your plans & resolutions?

Happy New Year (2016) to all my readers. What are your plans and New Year Resolutions? Please do share them with me. Who knows, we may have the same common goals.

Mine are very ambitious, and I can't wait to share them with you! I really hope to make a difference and get our Banking System changed to be child and family friendly! As well as support for the free Website Shop to help families earn from home. Not to mention, how proud I am that I managed to get both myself and my daughter, Melody, off our Asthma Inhalers last year. I now know Asthma is caused by the foods we eat (chemical foods destroy health.) Going organic Raw Vegan is one way to cure Asthma and other illnesses. And Stinging Nettle Tea drank three times a day has worked with getting Melody off the Inhalers. One problem, and that is, she needs a Raw Organic Vegan diet to stop her getting colds, which cause Asthma attacks. With some luck, I will be able to liaise with Raw Organic Vegans and find out if they have managed to cure the common cold by eating healthy (no chemicals.) With the research I have done so far, this seems to ring true. I need to cut out shop Houmous and make my own. Even if it is organic, it still has preservatives in it, which cause problems. I really want to liaise with Organic Farmers and gardeners help protect them. And start growing organic tomatoes in bulk, as well as seed sharing! So yes, a very ambitious year ahead indeed. And I must not forget the children in state care, they need a voice, and a voice they will get!  

Just like Star Wars, I am fighting against the Dark Forces to bring light to all children and families worldwide! The Dark Force, being Evil Elites! You don't need to use violence to win battles, the Pen is mightier than the sword!

Anyway, proud Mum moment. Melody built the Millennium Falcon all by herself. And here is her Lego review. I truly believe that our children can make a difference in our world, to create a child and family friendly environment that we can all be proud of. Wish us luck!

Well, I think today will be a Lego Family day. Last year Melody took apart some of her favourite builds. The Lego Pet Shop, Police Station and Cinema. Why? Because she wanted to build a Shopping Centre. My job is to put the Pet Shop back together. Daddy's job is to fix the Police Station. And Melody is finishing off the Cinema. My effort is below. However, I have made further progress since this photo was taken. Compared to my Master Builder Daughter, I am pretty slow! I can see some amazing child and family friendly films being made with her Lego. So watch this space!

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